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Boyd is the main antagonist of The Trumpet of the Swan, despite his small role as the majority of Louie's scenes focus on either Father or Sam Beaver with him.

He was voiced by Seth Green.


Boyd is pompous, vain, rude, and condescending (especially towards Louie). He also misogynistic since he wants to marry Serena for being the most beautiful swan.


His intention is to marry Louie's love interest Serena, and he hates Louie for being defective.

Because Louie has interrupted Boyd's wedding with Serena and shown her his cloud heart, telling her that she is his and he is hers, an angry Boyd steals Louie's horn and throws it into the lake, demanding he never come back, resulting in a fight. Not being literate, Boyd ends up crashing into a dangerous cliff's wall when Louie, who has learned to read, flies straight upward while they are fighting.

Boyd is not seen again or heard of afterwards leaving his fate unknown but he could have died of starvation. 


  • Boyd is similar to Ronno from Bambi as they both live in the forest and are the love rivals of the protagonist (Louie for Boyd and Bambi and both are overconfident and arrogant jerks. Their defeat happens just before the protagonist falls in love with a female character who they compete to marry for during a song (Touch the Sky and Looking For Romance). Plus, their fate is unknown but they could have died.
  • Also, he is very similar to Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Both villains were introduced in the year '1 (Boyd: 2001, Gaston: 1991), are vain, arrogant and believe themselves to be the best. Both are quite popular in the area they live in and both villains only want to marry the main female character because of her beauty (Serena for Boyd and Belle for Gaston) and who the male protagonist is in love with (Louie and the Beast). 
  • Likewise, he is also similar to Drake from The Pebble and the Penguin, since both are birds (Boyd being a swan and Drake being a penguin), who bully the protagonists with disorders/disabilities (Louie, who is mute; and Hubie who suffers from stuttering). Plus, both want to the girls that the protagonists are in love with (Serena and Marina respectively). Moreover, Boyd has a vain and pompous attitude, similar to Drake’s.
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