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She's stressing me Slug!
~ Bozo

Bozo is the central antagonist of the hit-superhero movie The Toxic Avenger. He was a stressed teenage man who killed people in hit and run kills with his friends.


Bozo was completely insane, he didn't care for people or anybody and would kill anybody for the fun of it, he was also a xenophobe, as Julie told him to kill Jewish people, Italian-Americans, Asian people, African-Americans, and even Hispanic people such as Puerto Ricans. He also didn't have a clear conscience as he slew off helpless children and people for the fun of it.


Bozo is first seen in the hot tub at the Tromaville Health Club with his girlfriend Julie, his friend Slug, and Slug's girlfriend Wanda. They all are poking fun of the club's frail-bodied janitor named Melvin Ferd III for his constant awkwardness, particularly when he oafishly mops one customer's head and bumps the other one into the pool. When Melvin is called to clean up the toilet, he accidentally contaminates the hot tub with his dirty mop, infuriating the quartet. In an act of retribution, Bozo and Slug push Melvin around turn-by-turn, scolding him for ruining their relaxation on the hot tub, concluding with Bozo harshly reminding Melvin that he will shove the mop down the throat should the latter made his mistake again. Shortly after letting Melvin off, Bozo is overcome with stress and walks out in disgrace; Julie reprimands Melvin for making her boyfriend feel stressed and follows suit.

One night, the quartet go out in the car. Bozo is instructed by Julie about the "points" he must earn if he managed to run over certain types of people the latter asked, including "kids under 12", which are worth "double points". The quartet saw a young boy named "Skippy" riding on his bike and manages to ram him over. Even though they succeeded, Bozo comes to his senses and realizes that he must actually murder the boy in order to earn "points". Together, Bozo and his crew finally managed to crush the severely bleeding and injured boy's head flat, killing him. Afterwards, Julie and Wanda take photos of their carnage.

The next day, Slug puts his pet snake in the health club teacher's back. The teacher gets bitten by a snake while trying to get it off, causing the customers to do the same thing as the former. Bozo intents on hitting the tennis ball with his racket, but screams when he sees the nosy Melvin. Luckily, Slug manages to fend off by hitting the ball at Melvin. The quartet congregates with Julie saying "Have I got the plan to fix that mop boy's wagon?", which they do on Melvin by making him wear a pink shirt and leggings with polka dots and a pink tutu and kissing a sheep in front of the other health club customers, who then chase Melvin upstairs and he falls out of a second-story window into a barrel of toxic waste, becoming The Toxic Avenger, a bodily deformed but unprecedently powerful heroic monster of superhuman size and strength, hence the film's title.

Bozo is later seen when he and Slug are watching a pair of young boys playing in the road, they tried to run them over, but Toxie arrives just in time to save the boys. He is later seen outside when he is waiting for Julie (unknown to him, Toxie seemingly killed her with a pair of hair trimming scissors), only to realize that she has dumped him for his failure to run over more people with his car and that she's actually stressing him without any particular reason at all. Persuaded by Slug's advice, Bozo and Slug soon help but subdue an elderly woman for her keys and steal the car.

While they're conversating about the elderly lady they beat, Toxie arrives and jumps on the car's roof, startling the two boys. Immensely hesitant, Bozo swerves his car from side-to-side in a vain effort to get Toxie off of the car roof, but the latter kills Slug by crushing his neck and throwing him out of the car, causing Bozo to scream in horror. Toxie swings in grabbing on a terrified Bozo, telling him that "It's really Melvin" and then asks him harshly if he feel good to kill people for fun. Bozo, instead of apologizing him, blames his stress generated from his ended relationship with Julie for all these killing sprees. The car's reckless swerving and driving produces several calamities, ending with the car driving off a cliff, rolling down to the road before the damaged car finally explodes, killing Bozo for good.


Would you take a look at that f***ing guy? The mop boy. He can't even mop right.
~ Bozo's first line.
Bozo: Next time you f*** with me, I'm gonna take this mop and shove it down your throat! He's stressing me Julie, he's stressing me!
Julie: Oh, Bozo.
Bozo: I can't take it Julie, I cannot take it! He is screwing up my karma! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I'M STREEEEESSED!!!
~ Bozo
Where?! What are you talking about? I don't got no fat. There's no fat here and I don't got no-- (he realized that he still has fat) FAT! FAT!
~ Bozo to Slug.
Get the wheel! GET THE WHEEL!!!
~ Bozo's last words.


  • Bonehead from the spin-off cartoon The Toxic Crusaders is based on Bozo.
  • The reason Bozo has suffered from psychological stress is because Melvin was a public nuisance towards him and his friends. It is later revealed that Julie is currently stressing him.
  • Bozo's favorite sport of choice is tennis.


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