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Well, see that you're expanding already. Beauty. You know what you should do is to make that bloke your bodyguard. Anyone looking to carve his way across Mordor needs a guard or two. I mean, I don't. Obviously. Ugh, if it ever got to the point where i needed a hand on the battlefield, I'd cut my own throat. But you, you should have some added muscle. No shame in it.
~ Brûz during his prime, giving some very valuble advice to Talion.
Told you I'd defend this fort like it was my own. Turns out, it is!
~ Brûz revealing his true colors as he stabs Talion from the back with a spear.
I don't want the fort… I don't want the fort! I never wanted the fort!
~ A shamed Brûz, now a shell of his former self, sobbing on the ground, which deeply horrifies Ratbag.

Brûz The Chopper is a major antagonist in his own story line and one of the first soldiers that The Bright Lord recruits in Shadow Of War, and was partly responsible with his advise and aid to help the Bright Lord build up an army of uruks.


Hailing from the Warmonger Tribe, Brûz is a very powerful and respected Olog-Hai with a funloving personality and a love for fighting.

He is first introduced when a Savage Uruk who's grown tired of his mouth, challenges him to a fight to the death that Brûz gladly accepts without hesitation. After a quick speech to the challenger, he quickly overpowers and forcefully yanks and rips of the head of the Uruk. After seeing this, Talion and Celebrimbor (together as the Bright Lord) decides to recruit him. Accepting this, Brûz sets out with the duo to gather up an army big enough to launch an attack against the fortress Nurn, controlled by the mythic two headed Troll known as "The Etten" of the Feral Tribe.

After a long battle, Brûz and The Bright Lord reaches the entrance to the throne room of the Fortress and after explaing that the fort needs a leader to control it, eagerly volunteering and hoping to become the chosen Overlord of the fortress, they enter the Throne room and confront "The Etten".

It is revealed to Talion's shock that the Etten is just a duo consisting of an ordinary olog by the name of Ranger (actually Az-Harto) and an old uruk friend of his, Ratbag.

However, despite his wishes to be made warlord of the fortress, he is ultimatly passed over due to his recklessness and violence. This pushes him over the edge, and when Sauron's forces attack, he betrays the Bright Lord and becomes warlord, capturing Talion's warlords and warchiefs, along with Az-Harto. Tallion ultimatly frees them, before reclaiming the fort, and shaming Brûz, thus causing him to become deranged.


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