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Brüno Gehard is the titular character in the Sacha Baron Cohen mocumentary Brüno. He is a flamboyantly gay fashionista who travels to America hoping to become a celebrity with his adoring assistant Lutz. His villainous/idiotic acts include using Mexicans as human furniture, asking parents to make their children undergo liposuction, adopting an African baby named O.J. and using him as an accessory to pick up other guys, and breaking Lutz's heart. After realizing that all the biggest Hollywood stars are straight, Brüno tries to change his sexual orientation, with little success. He finally takes on the alter ego "Straight Dave" and becomes a cage fighter. During one match, Lutz shows up and fights Brüno, but the fighting turns into make-up sex and Brüno finally becomes famous. He and Lutz then enter a domestic partnership and adopt O.J.

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