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Despite the fact that he always gets the blame when things go wrong, Braces remains a loyal foot soldier in Big Tony's mob. Whatever he lacks in intelligence he more than makes up for in brute strength.
~ Description in game

Braces debuts in the video game TimeSplitters 2. He appears during the Chicago level in the game's story mode. Braces has an extremely large jaw. He wears a cloth cap, a white collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up, suspenders, brown gloves, and brown trousers. Braces' mouth is marked with a permanent scowl.


In Chicago during 1932, local mob boss Big Tony has been running illegal operations. He managed to evade law enforcements countless times. However, he has been discovered by detective Jake Fenton. Braces informs Big Tony about the news. Angered, Tony throws Braces out into the streets. He demands that Jake Fenton is stopped. Fellow mobster Louie Bignose helps Braces get back up. They and the rest of the mob set out to destroy Jake Fenton. The mob searches the streets of Chicago. They find Jake attempting to drain barrels of whisky that belong to Big Tony.

Braces attempts to clobber Jake. He manages to avoid Braces' attacks until reaching the entrance to the Sunshine Club which is Big Tony's hideout. Braces attempts to take down Jake but this time, he is defeated by Jake. Braces and his fellow mobsters are jailed except for Big Tony who perishes in a gun battle with Jake.

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