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Actor Adam Hagenbuch

Brad (played by Adam Hagenbugh, pronounced hay-gen-boo) is one of the antagonists of Disney XD's Kirby Buckets, in episode 11, "It's A Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad World." He's one of the Brads that reside in the Bradlands, an abandoned part of town. Only people named Brad are allowed in there. He's the leader of the Brads. They are handsomer, smarter, and they think that they're better than everybody else that are non-Brads. They dress preppy, and play lot of tennis. And can be intimidating. Owner of the S&P Mini-Mart Wild Gil, used to be named Brad, and he considered the Brads to be very bad people.


Brad threatened Kirby and his friend Gil if he didn't bring his buttons back. The Brads had Gil behind bars, with two Brad guards holding tennis rackets. The leader snuck into Kirby's house without him knowing, and Kirby was intimidated by him, especially the way he stared down at him saying, "What's Brad's is Brad's." Brad wanted his buttons back, since Eli and Kirby stole them from his bag, on the ground in the Bradlands. (Eli, one of Kirby's two best friends stole a few, but later Kirby stole a lot of them and gave them to kids at his high school so they would like him more and not make fun of him since Dave the Ripper dubbed him as the "Turdinator.") Most of the Brads seen are men, one was a young boy.

Last of Brads

If Kirby didn't give the buttons back to Brad, he will have the other Brads hurt Gil. But even when Kirby, Eli, and Fish(his other friend) brought the bag of buttons back, the leader Brad told them "Brads can't be trusted." So he had one of the Brads shoot tennis balls at Gil, who was strapped. (Luckily he dodged them though) The last thing Brad said when he and the other Brads retreated after Fish used his magic and disappeared and shot tennis balls at them, was "Brads retreat! Retreat Brads!" and "This isn't the last you've of us! A Brad never forgets!" That indicates that the Brads may return in a later episode. Probably somewhere in Season 2.

The Bradlands, where Kirby and his two friends are in