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Brad: Five years ago, it was all Captain Man's fault.
Ray: Oh great, here we go again.
Henry: Just tell us what happen.
Ray: Ok, I was being chased by this insane criminal who wanted to turn me invisible.
Henry: Why?
Ray: I don't know because he hated me and guessed how much I like being invisible.
Brad: Yay, like I used to be.
Ray: So when was being chased...
Brad: I was riding my bike minding my own business...
Ray: ...and when I dodge the invisible blaster the invisible beam missed me...
Brad: ...AND HIT ME. And that how Captain Man ruined my life.
~ Ray and Brad telling Charlotte and Henry how Brad became invisible.

Bradley G. Belcher, also known as Invisible Brad, is a minor antagonist in Henry Danger.

He was portrayed by Jake Farrow.


In "Invisible Brad", Brad turned invisible accidently when Captain Man dodged a shot that could turn anybody invisible. It hit him, and he wanted something in return. He wanted to be Captain Man's sidekick, but the job was already occupied by Henry. He sabotaged Henry to become his sidekick. When Charlotte came up with a plan to get revenge, the plan went south when Ray told her, and Henry that Brad was hit by a bus when they were going out for a walk after getting a few root beers and taking a selfie.

In "Grave Danger", it is revealed he faked his death by first and made Ray behave weird. Then, Henry, Charlotte and Schwoz find out that a chair is moving from two days ago via camera. Charlotte gives a theory that Brad is alive, so Kid Danger and Captain Man go to the Swellview Cemetery and dig up his grave and he's right behind them. Brad buries them and goes to the Man Cave and uses Ray's gum ball tube to transform into Captain Man, but he goes by "Captain Brad". Henry and Ray come down the tubes and Ray starts chasing Brad, but Henry uses bear spray in his eyes.

Due to being invisible, he is likely in a detainment cell somewhere in the Man Cave as the Swellview Police would have difficulty believing an invisible man causing crimes let alone finding him.

Brad returns in "Visible Brad", hoping to reappear as a physical presence once again. He is in the Man Cave talking to Henry, Ray, Charlotte, Schwoz, and Piper. After settling a deal with the heroes. He agrees to help the heroes if they make him visible again. They agree and Brad helps Henry levitate a book, and Tatiana allows them inside. however, Brad didn't lift anything and before Stu threw a card at Henry Brad came in just in time and defeated Stu. Schwoz later turned Brad visible and once he was visible, he was excited to see himself in fifteen years but realized he didn't brush his teeth, comb his hair, work out, or anything. He later went into Schwoz's shower to cry.


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