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Brad Gutman was a character from the X-Statix comic book series, due to the series delving into dark and often controversial subject matters Brad was a particularly twisted individual and while not a traditional super-villain caused extremely negative effects in the world around himself.


A human with no abnormal abilities Brad nevertheless started to cause his daughter, Britney, distress as his open necrophilia began to twist her mind, her mother noticed this and also grew deeply troubled - Brad was also a mortician and broke the trust of his job regularly by molesting the bodies under his care. This coupled with the way his actions were affected her daughter finally caused Brad's wife to snap and she threw a cold steak at him, dressed in pale makeup and even took a cold bath in an effort to show Brad how disgusting he was and how damaging his perversion was to their daughter. Tragically the fighting caused Brad's daughter to go over the edge and she decided to go on a shooting spree at her school, she was confronted by her mutant friend Dead Girl - who started to talk her out of it only for police to arrive and shoot Britney dead.

Instead of feeling remorse Brad took his daughter's body in the morgue and promised to take "good care" of her (heavily implying he was willing to molest even his own daughter's corpse). This proved a fatal mistake as Dead Girl proceeded to use her mutant power to rip his heart out of his body and summon the "ghosts" of all those he had molested - leaving the spirits to deal with Brad, who died soon after.

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