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Brad Maddox is best known for his time with WWE where he previously worked as General manager of Raw.


Maddox was formerly a part ofFlorida Championship Wrestling (FCW, now named NXT Wrestling), WWE's developmental territory. Alongside Briley Pierce and Rick Victor, he held theFlorida Tag Team Championship twice, while also holding the FCW 15 Championship as the final champion. He is a former OVW Heavyweight Champion and OVW Television Champion.

Maddox was promoted to the main roster as a referee in August 2012. He officiated the Divas Championship No. 1 Contender's Battle Royal on the August 20, 2012 episode of Raw, which was won by Kaitlyn. He was the referee for Sheamus and John Cena vs CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio where he missed Punk's foot on the bottom rope to give Sheamus and Cena the win on Raw September 17.

That year, in the Hell in a Cell event held on October 28 in Atlanta, Maddox was the official for the WWE Championship match between Ryback and champion CM Punk. At the end of the contest, as Ryback was going for his finisher (Shell Shock), Maddox stepped in and told Ryback to not do so. He then low-blowed Ryback allowing CM Punk to pin Ryback, and quickly counted to three, thus helping CM Punk retain the WWE Title. After the match, Ryback press slammed Maddox from the ring into the cell structure. As cameras stopped rolling, Maddox was being attended to by Medical Personnel and taken to the back. The next night in Raw, Maddox explained that all he wanted to do was make a name for himself. Vince McMahon interrupted and said if he could defeat Ryback the next week on Raw he would receive a million dollar contract. The next week Ryback defeated Maddox with Maddox getting no defense or offence. After, Ryback attacked Maddox and after Maddox left in an ambulance. In the next few months Maddox would fail to defeat various superstars for his contract. On an episode of Raw Maddox would tell McMahon that Paul Heyman tipped off Maddox and The Shield to keep the championship on Punk. After The Shield attacked Maddox.

On the February 18 episode of Raw, Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero named him Assistant Raw Managing Supervisor after being rewarded for revealing that Paul Heyman and CM Punk are working with The Shield. Maddox challenged Big E Langston on the April 24 "Clash of the Champions" episode of NXT for the NXT Championship and was squashed. On the July 8 episode of Raw, Guerrero was fired when the fans voted that she had failed in her role of Raw Managing Supervisor; Maddox was in turn appointed as the new General Manager of Raw.

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