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Brad Parnassus

Brad Parnassus is the main antagonist of the Fillmore! episode "Ingrid Third, Public Enemy #1". He was X Middle School's smartest student.

He was voiced by Michael Welch.


Brad was known for partaking in many of the school clubs in order to look good in his college applications. He first appeared when he and his attache Vud Gratong arrived to sign up for the X Middle School Safety Patrol, assigned to be Cornelius Fillmore's partners.

However, a new student named Ingrid Third comes by and proven herself to be more intelligent. Feeling threatened by Third's intelligence, Brad plots to get rid of her through expulsion. To do so, he created a stink bomb and unleashed it in the school before planting evidence to frame Third as the culprit. To add more of Brad's luck, Third plans on being expelled as she hated the school so much due to being unable to fit in with most of the students.

However, Fillmore is fed up with Brad's arrogance and learns that he has done the deed and is trying to frame Third again by buying more ingredients to make another stink bomb and even dressing up like her to make her even more guilty. However, both Fillmore and Third catch him in the act. Despite this, Brad destroys the hard evidence by setting off the stink bomb.

Brad makes Vud take the blame for his actions. Although Fillmore and Third deliver a full report of Brad's actions, Principal Folsom refuses to accept this as doing so would jeopardize the school's academic integrity that Brad brought for them over the past years. As such, Vud is given detention while Brad gets off the hook before leaving the safety patrol, claiming that his feud against Fillmore and Third ended in a tie, but admitted that he finds both Fillmore and Third to be worthy opponents. However, Fillmore gets the last laugh on Brad by giving him an extremely hot gum to chew on, and he rushes off to get some water, much to Fillmore and Third's amusement. This event is what drove Third to become a new Safety Patrol officer and Fillmore's partner in the series.


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