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Did you see that shit? I f**kin' put that bitch's face against the glass. Did you see that? (Michael Townley: Yeah, you're a real stallion.)
~ Brad Snider after the heist.

Bradley "Brad" Snider (1966-2004) was a flashback protagonist in Grand Theft Auto V, despite only appearing in a flashback mission, he became a posthumous character and influenced the story throughout the rest of the game.

He was voiced by Ryan Woodle.


Early life

Not much is know about Brad Snider's early life but what is known is that he was born and at least lived in North Yankton for an unknown period of time.

Brad did not commit any serious crimes until at one point, he met Trevor Philips and he became a member of a heist Crew consisting of Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Lester Crest and the three of them would continue to rob banks and make a fortune.

Ludendorff Heist

In 2004 Brad Snider participates in a heist which ended up being fatal. Inside the Ludendorff bank Brad along with Michael Townley and Trevor Philips locked up the hostages in the closet then blow up the vault stealing all of the money inside of it. However the heist was a failure as Trevor murdered a security guard who held Michael at gunpoint and their escape was a failure since the three men massacred many cops who were ready to arrest or kill the trio and their gateway driver was shot in the head by the cops while attempting to escape.


Brad shot by Dave Norton.

After making an escape from the cops the trio make their way to the chopper (which was actually a trap) but their vehicle was hit by an incoming train causing the vehicle to sprung out of control and for the car to crash in a pile of snow. Michael asks is everyone is alright then the three men exit out of the wrecked vehicle. Trevor says they can still get to the chopper but Michael opposes saying they need to stick to the plan. The trio walks closer to a barn, where Brad steps in front of Trevor and gets shot by Dave Norton, falling to the ground. Michael looks over his body while Trevor hides, with Michael also being shot. Michael then tells Trevor to go but Trevor refuses to leave both Brad and Michael, but Michael still convinces him to go as more cops arrive at the scene. Enraged that both Michael and Brad have been shot, Trevor proceeds to massacre cops arriving on the scene and then escapes.

Some time later, at a local cemetery a funeral is held for Michael Townley (although Brad is being buried). Both Michael and Norton watch the funeral, as unknown to everyone, the heist was a set-up from the beginning made from a deal between Michael and Dave. In reality, Trevor was meant to be killed, but Brad accidentally got shot. Michael faked his death, changed his name to "Michael De Santa" and moved to Los Santos.

Afterwards, Michael is proclaimed dead while Brad is said to be in jail. One day, Dave gets a message from someone who he quickly realises is Trevor. The two exchange e-mails, Dave posing as Brad, tracking Trevor down and keeping the conversation going for several years.

Brad is often mentioned by Trevor through the game even in the "Paleto Score" heist Trevor admits he misses Brad and if he was with Trevor he would of love to to do the heist.

The Truth Discovered

As if i didn't know... Brad!
~ Trevor discovers Brad's corpse in Michael's fake grave.

9 years later Trevor visits Michael at his mansion where he orchestrates a plan to bust Brad out of prison so that the heist crew will be comeplete with Brad comming back (whom Trevor thinks is still alive) while Michael is reluctant to talk about Brad (already knowing the truth) this quickly escalates to an argument where Trevor gets suspicious of Michael leading Trevor to storm out of the house and steals Michael's car much to Michael's annoyance Michael is forced to get a car of his own he then calls Trevor to talk him out of flying back to North Yankton convincing him that the grave is empty and filled with dirt and sand but Trevor refuses to believe him and hangs up Michael then calls Dave Norton the guy who made a deal with Michael back in 2004 telling him that Trevor is suspicious of Michael much to Norton's dismay Michael then drives to Los Santos International Airport where he gets on a plane to North Yankton.

Later Trevor Philips arrives North Yankton to confirm his suspicions that Brad is actually dead forcing Michael to chase him and fly to North Yankton to prevent him from discovering the truth but unfortunately for Michael, Trevor has arrived first and arrived at the cemetery where Brad is buried and Trevor finds a shovel and an axe and begins to start digging the grave of Michael Townley. Michael soon later arrives at the Church and Cemetery too see that Trevor is digging in "his own grave" he tells Trevor that he is wasting his time and that nothing is in the coffin but unfortunately for Michael Trevor continues to dig in the grave and then finds out that this entire time that Michael set both him and Brad up and the fact then Brad has been dead the whole time, Michael proceeds to inform him that Brad got shot and he died and Michael got shot but survived. the two then proceed to point guns at each other until the Los Santos Triads lead by Wei Cheng show up.

Trevor discovers Brad's corpse in Michael Townley's "Grave".

Enraged with Michael's actions, Trevor throws his pistol at Michael and Michael tries to shoot him but misses and leaves Michael to fight the Triads alone Trevor then sabotages Michael's car before leaving preventing Michael from escaping which leads to Michael being captured by the gang. While flying back to San Andreas, Trevor receives a phone call from Wei Cheng warning that Michael will be killed Trevor sarcastically replying "Tell him i love him dearly" showing no sympathy for Michael. He later informs Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton that Michael is officially dead (crossing the Moral Event Horizon).

After this Incident both Michael and Trevor both refused to speak to each other temporarily.

However eventually Trevor forgives Michael and mutually dismiss Brad as a "dick" when Michael offer's Trevor his cut of the Union Depository heist. But Trevor refuses.


  • Despite his partnership with Michael, Trevor, and Lester he is disliked by both Michael and Lester. Lester thinks that Brad is the "shit" part of the team and thinks of him as lazy, forgetful, mean and stupid; Brad also had the same feelings for Michael since at one point Brad had planned to cut Michael and Lester off and doing crime with Trevor sole. Trevor had a closer friendship to Brad, as he was devastated when he finds out that Brad was dead.
  • Because of their last names, he and Molly Schultz could both possibly be of German descent.
  • Similarly to Michael, Lester Crest, and the getaway driver from the beginning of the game, he is from the Midwest.



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