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Villain Overview

This has gone too far. The ducks almost cost us the world today. And without the world, who would we larceny against? The pieces are finally in place. Time to come out of the shadows, take control, and end Clan McDuck. If the McDuck family wants an adventure… we'll give them their last.
~ Bradford revealing himself as the leader of FOWL to the audience.
Your little adventure fantasy is coming to an end, McDuck!
~ Bradford revealing himself as the leader of F.O.W.L to Scrooge and his most famous quote.
How do you think Della found out you built the Spear of Selene?
~ Bradford sadistically reveals that he informed Della about the Spear of Selene - his most infamous quote.

Director Bradford Buzzard is the main antagonist of Disney's DuckTales reboot franchise.

He appears as the main antagonist of the 2017 DuckTales reboot series, serving as the overarching antagonist in the first two seasons and the main antagonist of Season 3. He is also the overarching antagonist of the series' comics.

He is the chairman of McDuck Enterprises' board of directors along with Bentley and Buford who is revealed to be the founder and leader of FOWL and head of its High Command.

He is also the archenemy of the entire Clan McDuck, especially with being Scrooge McDuck’s most personal arch-nemesis, and the grandson of the famous explorer, Isabella Finch, whose thirst for adventure, unfortunately, indirectly led him down the path of villainy.

He is voiced by Marc Evan Jackson, who also played Shawn in The Good Place and Agent Trout in We Bare Bears: The Movie.


Bradford: Look what you turned me into: A BASE VILLAIN!
Bentina: The Sword of Swanstantine amplifies who you are inside!
Della: This is all you, you buzzard!
~ Bentina and Della pointing out to Bradford that using the Sword of Swanstantine only reveals who he truly is in his heart and that he is held accountable for his own actions.

Before being revealed as the founder and leader of F.O.W.L., Bradford was already presented as a greedy person who only cared about the finances of McDuck Enterprises, is described as cheap, and it shows as he continually pushes for Scrooge to make cuts to spending. Despite being part of Scrooge's board of directors and the chairman of the company, Bradford is shown to not have the best relationship with Scrooge, frequently arguing with him on many occasions, mostly about the budget of the company.

Though despite this, he was shown to have been reasonable on some occasions, as he did allow Scrooge to search for Della Duck for over 10 years before shutting him down after it was clear all he was going to do was bankrupt himself, though Bradford was also shown to have smiled at it. Bradford also seemed genuinely disgusted at Glomgold for disrespecting Scrooge at his fake funeral, showing he possibly could have had some heart.

However, this is all a facade to hide his true nature: an extremely intelligent, sadistic, ruthless, uncaring, and corrupt businessman who wants nothing more than to take over the world and be perfectly fine with the idea of eliminating Scrooge's entire family just to achieve their goal. Bradford is also shown to have no problem with hurting children even before he was revealed as the leader of F.O.W.L.; he had suggested to Louie that they cut funding to the magic wards on a mysterious island in the Heron Sea.

His facial expressions and body language imply that he knew exactly what he was doing when he tricked Louie into releasing the Bombie, a being that would hunt Louie down for such an action. After he reveals himself as the leader of F.O.W.L., he puts the triplets into situations that could get them killed several times. He also has an even stronger desire for money than shown before, wanting to commit grand larceny on a global scale and embezzling some of Scrooge's money behind the shadows, all to fund more of F.O.W.L.'s operations.

Just like with Scrooge, Bradford is also shown to have a poor relationship with the other members of F.O.W.L. He and Black Heron argue frequently, and Bradford is often annoyed by his other minions' lack of intelligence. He is also shown to mistreat his minions; for example, he placed a mechanism in Steelbeak’s metal beak, allowing him to clamp him when he feels like it. He also gets annoyed with the other members' supervillain-like schemes, believing they are doing nothing but drawing the attention of F.O.W.L.'s operations to the authorities.

Bradford is also shown to be a massive coward, running away from any danger he gets himself into and often relying on surprise or cheap tactics to win. For example, in "Let's Get Dangerous", he is more focused on escaping rather than putting himself in danger to save reality. Even when the triplets find out about Bradford's true nature, he surprises the triplets by pushing them into the Ramrod and runs away in a failed attempt to cover his tracks.

Bradford is considered to be delusional in nature as he stubbornly refuses to see himself as evil, believing his plans will ultimately bring order and stability to the world. He also dismisses the idea of F.O.W.L. being a supervillain organization several times, despite the fact that his agents truly see themselves as villains due to their notorious activities; even the heinous Taurus Bulba rightfully chews out Bradford for his complete cowardice and denial over it.

Bradford also originally called the organization O.W.L. as he believed that his goal would be for the good of the world, and only added the "Fiendish" part at the beginning when Heron refused to help if he didn't. Adding to this, when he was unmasked by the triplets as the leader of F.O.W.L. and they called him a bad guy, he tells them that "bad guy" is only a matter of perspective and he would be considered one in the triplets' perspective.

In "The First Adventure!", it is revealed Bradford was once an accountant for S.H.U.S.H and did have good intentions in his goals, wanting to rule the world from behind the shadows because he saw how much stopping chaos was costing the organization, only founding F.O.W.L. when Ludwig von Drake dismissed his idea. Even in "The Last Adventure", when being turned into a monstrous form by the Sword of Swanstantine, Bradford furiously blames the Ducks for turning him into a 'base villain', only for the Ducks to furiously retort that he himself was always a villain as the Sword only reflects on his dark nature.

It was also shown that Bradford had at least some level of standards, though often for pragmatic reasons. He is against villains like General Lunaris and Bulba's attempts to destroy the world as Bradford wants to rule it from the shadows. When Bulba's Ramrod threatens to destroy the world, Bradford chews him out for this, to which Bulba responds by going rogue against Bradford. He also thinks some things are too dangerous to be used, only wanting the Papyrus of Binding because he sees it as a threat to order. However, this all goes moot in "The Last Adventure" as Bradford has no qualms in reengineering the Solego Circuit's functions into eliminating objects and people from existence and the Papyrus for his true plot to rid the world of all adventures, showing that he and his standards are hypocritical in nature.

His hypocritical nature was further shown when he blamed the Ducks for Magica De Spell and General Lunaris' attacks, despite being aware that he was the one who set off the events behind the shadows in the first place. He even berated his agents for indulging in petty villainy such as a peal of evil laughter, only for himself to engage as such while attempting to drop Donald into the Solego Circuit after outwitting Scrooge. Also, even though he has magical artifacts housed in storage and chooses not to use them for most of the series out of fear that it would cause more chaos, he still uses the Sword of Swanstantine against Scrooge in their final battle.

It was later revealed that the true cause of his evil nature was because he felt traumatized by the adventures that his grandmother Isabella Finch dragged him into when he was a child, despite the fact that his grandmother wanted to instill a sense of true adventure for a better life. However, because Bradford only saw the dark side of adventure (the dangers that he and his grandmother went through), he refuses to see past this as he genuinely believes that adventures are causing chaos to the world and that the only way to bring order is to end all adventures.

It is also shown that he secretly despises Scrooge due to the latter's love of adventures and that he is willing to harm Scrooge's family in order to coerce him to sign a contract (with the usage of the Papyrus) that would forbid Scrooge from ever adventuring again. This intention also drove Bradford in turning against his own minions as he willingly send Black Heron and his clones to their deaths in the Solego Circuit to avoid any possibility of causing unpredictable chaos by their actions; he even tried to do the same to Donald out of spite after successfully forcing Scrooge to sign the contract.

However, Bradford's power-hungry nature eventually led to him shedding all the redeeming qualities he once had and is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way, which proved to be his downfall as his disposal of Black Heron and his clones drove May and June to free Scrooge's family, depower the Solego Circuit and battle against him. Even Louie manages to exploit a major loophole in Bradford's contract by stating that family is the greatest adventure, to which the Papyrus obliges, which depowers Bradford and leaves him at the mercy of Magica, Flintheart Glomgold, Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys, with Magica furiously mind-wiping him forever and turning him into a mindless vulture as punishment for his crimes.

Overall, despite his tragic backstory, good intentions, and redemptive qualities, Bradford threw it all aside and allowed his hatred of adventure and the Duck family to consume him, making him no better than the threats (especially Lunaris and Bulba) that he opposed. He is more than willing to kill at least hundreds of people, including children, simply out of his hatred of adventure. Moreover, he happily caused great harm to Scrooge and his family, despite the fact that Scrooge trusted him very much, and he would not hesitate to kill his closest allies or even members of his own family (as Buford and Bentley are his clones) all for the sake of power and control. All this makes Bradford by far the most personal and hated enemy of Scrooge and his family.


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Season 1
  • "Woo-oo!"
  • "The Great Dime Chase!"
  • "Jaw$!" (mentioned)
  • "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!" (cameo)
Season 2
  • "Last Christmas!"
  • "The 87 Cent Solution!" (cameo)
  • "The Richest Duck in the World!"
  • "Moonvasion!"
Season 3
  • "Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!"
  • "Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!"
  • "Let's Get Dangerous!"
  • "Escape from the Impossibin!"
  • "The Split Sword of Swanstantine!" (mentioned over phone)
  • "The First Adventure!"
  • "The Fight for Castle McDuck!" (mentioned)
  • "Beaks in the Shell!"
  • "The Lost Cargo of Kit Cloudkicker (mentioned)
  • "The Last Adventure!"
  • "The Beast in the Board Room!"
  • "Countdown to Termination!"
  • "Flintheart... McDuck?!?"


Seasons 1 & 2

Bradford: With business expanding in Spoonerville and St. Canard markets, noted inter-dependencies C,G, and 5F, we're also cutting funding to unnecessary departments: Historical research, experimental tech, deep-sea exploration...
Scrooge: Fantastic.
~ Bradford and his brothers going over some business with Scrooge in the first episode.
(technically, it was Bentley talking on his part, but this was likely an animation error.)
Bradford: As you know, revenues are down in our international markets, including Dawson, Lillehammer, El Dorado and Culebra. We feel that-
Gyro: Shut up, everyone! I've done something brilliant!
Scrooge: Ah, Gyro! (to Louie) Gyro Gearloose, my head of research and development.
Bradford: I'm sorry, but we-
Gyro: Apology accepted. Now try to keep up with my mind-numbing genius.
Scrooge: Gyro, what did we say about interacting with other people?
Gyro: *sighs* The cards. Fine... (reading off cards) Hello, Mr. McDuck... and others... Are you tired of all those single-use gadgets cluttering up your junk drawer? What a mess! There's got to be a better way. (Gyro unboxes his newest invention) Meet Lil Bulb! A tiny, all-purpose robot that does it all!
Bradford: Wait, what does it do?
Gyro: It. All. Lil Bulb is an artificially intelligent personal robot helper. He can make toast, find your keys, serve as a booklight for your late-night reading! You'll never have to do anything yourself again!
Louie: *gasps*
Bradford: Um-hmm. And how will you ensure this one won't achieve sentience and turn evil like all the others?
Gyro: Only
half my inventions turn evil. The other half are just wildly misunderstood. (Lil Bulb begins threatening Bradford)
Bradford: ...What's it doing?
Gyro: Waving. It likes you.
Bradford: Request denied.
~ Bradford in a meeting with Scrooge until Gyro interrupts to show off his newest invention, only to be rejected by Bradford when the robot starts threatening him.
Louie: A robot that does everything for you? How could you say no to that?
Scrooge: Part of hard work is knowing how to work with others! My board are the only people cheaper than I am. I trust them completely to make good financial decisions-
Bradford: Indeed, which is why we've called this meeting to discuss cutting your unnecessary spending here at the... Money Bin.
Scrooge: Unnecessary!? I'm Scrooge McDuck! I don't spend one penny more than I need to!
Bradford: It says here that you're spending $50 million on... "magical defense".
Scrooge: Do you have any idea how many vengeance curses I have on my head?
~ Louie and Scrooge about his board until he and Bradford start arguing about spending.
Bradford: But how do you justify spending $5000 on a velvet pillow for a dime?
Scrooge: That dime deserves its own velvet pillow! It's my Number One Dime! The first dime I ever earned!
~ Bradford and Scrooge arguing about his number-one dime.
Scrooge: If you can find me three thousand gallons of silver polish for cheaper, I'd love to hear about it!
Bradford: This is getting us nowhere. If you won't make your own cuts then we're forced to fire staff at the bin to save money. The obvious choice is the archivist.
Scrooge: Fire Quackfaster? Never! For 50 years that woman's level-headedness has kept my archives secure and orderly.
~ Bradford and Scrooge discussing firing staff, starting with Quackfester, who was madly chasing Louie and Webby with a scimitar at the time.
Bradford: Fine, Quackfaster stays. But Gyro is absolutely unnecessary.
Scrooge: Are you insane? Gyro Gearloose is one of the most brilliant minds of our time!
~ Bradford and Scrooge now arguing about Gyro, who was starting an argument with a vending machine at the time.
Scrooge: If you're going to fire all the employees, why don't you just go ahead and shut the whole bin down!?
Bradford: You do have a perfectly good office downtown. Do you really need... a Money Bin?
~ Bradford and Scrooge discussing shutting down the Money Bin.
Scrooge: Ye cannae get rid of the bin! Ye may think they're crackpots and weirdos, but they're the ones who push innovation and creativity, and spar this company ever forward!
Gyro: (Breaks in with Lil Bulb) Just a little malfunction! Definitely not evil!
Scrooge: Look, they're all mad as loons, and if you fire them, they're definitely going to seek revenge.
Bradford: Uh, all in favor of keeping the bin and everyone in it far away from our offices?
Bradford, Bentley and Buford: Aye!
~ Bradford being forced to keep the bin and its employees after realizing the consequences of firing them.
Scrooge: So... enjoying the party?
Bradford, Bentley and Buford: (discussing quietly) No.
~ Bradford and his brothers first meeting Scrooge.
I'm saying given the current economic downturn, having a Christmas that is both holly and jolly isn't fiscally responsible.
~ Bradford to Bentley and Buford about his dislike for the holidays.
Bradford: We need to discuss the... Ottoman incident.
Louie: Oh, it's great, isn't it? It was not cheap though.
Bradford: And... how does this exactly Ottoman benefit the company?
Louie: I wanted it, and I'm very rich, so...
Bradford: This is a BUSINESS, not a bank account! That money has to come from somewhere!
Louie: Then figure it out! That is what I pay you to do, right?
Bradford: Hmm... We are spending a lot on magical defense on a dark mysterious island in Heron Sea.
Louie: Great, cut that!
~ Bradford tricking Louie into unleashing the Bombie.

Season 3

Then the race is on.
~ Bradford after knowing Scrooge has discovered Isabella Fintch's lost journal.
Black Heron, Steelbeak, we have intruders.
~ Bradford warning Steelbeak and Heron about Scrooge's presence in Funzo's.
Bradford: McDuck is here!
Steelbeak: McWhat!? I hate that guy!
Heron: FOWL chose this absurd location because he'd never step foot in a place like... Funzo's!
Steelbeak: I miss the old lair. The Sattelighthouse! *laughs* Classic! villain lair.
Bradford: Get them out of here!
Without rousing suspicion!
~ Bradford ordering Black Heron and Steelbeak to remove Scrooge from Funzo's.
Bradford: Wake up! You have any idea the mess I had to clean up? Bringing the ducks back to Funso's, returning Steelbeak here, restoring your "intelligence" as it were.
Heron: Bradford, I-
Bradford: I told you! No intelligence-rays, or freeze-rays, or any kind of rays!
Steelbeak: Haha! Who's stupid now? *clamps up*
Bradford: We. are. FOWL! We have to be smarter than that. We're not trying to destroy the world. We're going to steal it out from underneath McDuck's nose. ...Ew. Why was this wet!?
~ Bradford chewing out Black Heron and Steelbeak for their mistakes and expressing FOWL's goals while also discovering the Rubik's cube is covered in drool.
Scrooge: Sorry, Bradford. Bit of unexpected turbulence. All fine now.
Bradford: All would be better if you weren't wasting time and money on this trip. After that string of accidents, our St. Canard research facility is a lost cause.
Scrooge: Dr. Bulba maybe a bit unorthodox, but his lab is cutting edge. If he says he's onto something big, I trust him.
Huey: His latest project is supposed to be revolutionary!
Louie: Profitable!
Bradford: Reckless! Mr. McDuck, Bulba's experiments are worthless pipe dreams. Better not to deal with him.
Scrooge: Yes, fine. Thank you, Bradford. (presses button with cane) Short-sighted old buzzard, there's no reward without a little risk. Bradford doesn't know how things work.
Bradford: I'm still on the phone!
Scrooge: (presses button multiple times) I don't know how it works! Someone shut this blasted thing off!
~ Bradford and Scrooge arguing over the phone about Taurus Bulba's work before Scrooge attempts to end the conversation and Huey turns off the phone for him.
Bradford: What are you doing?
Taurus: Ah, Director Buzzard.
Bradford: I hired you to crack the Solego Circuit for FOWL's master plan, and instead you do... all this!? We're trying to reign in chaos, not create more of it!
Taurus: Sir, this is a huge opportunity! You want to take over the world? This is a big, bold way to do it!
Bradford: This is not how things work in the real world.
Taurus: You're just like Scrooge, and Thad, and his granddaughter, and that coward, Darkwing Duck! Too afraid to embrace a daring new vision! (nods to Liquidator, who smiles back)
Bradford: And what if Scrooge's family learns the extant of our plot against them? You're risking our entire operation! How many times must I say it?
We are not supervillains!
Taurus: Too bad! Because here at Bulba's Supervillain Solutions... we are.
~ Bradford to Bulba before the latter betrays him for disagreeing with his views.
I've never been closer to death thanks to your constant foolhardy adventures! If you didn't meddle with forces you didn't understand, Magica de Spell would never have broken the Bin, the Moon would never have invaded Earth, and all of reality wouldn't be in jeopardy! SOMEONE HAS TO PUT AN END TO THIS!!
~ Bradford to the Triplets as they escape from Bushroot.
That depends on your point of view. Of course, from your point of view right now, yes; I definitely am.
~ Bradford revealing his true nature to the Triplets.
This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
~ Bradford after Scrooge hires him.
Oh, I created you to defeat Scrooge McDuck once and for all. And with this... you just did!
~ Bradford reveals to Webby that he created her to defeat Scrooge.
Bradford: Ah, Mr. McDuck, nice of you to regain consciousness.
Scrooge: Bradford! You craven, oxygenarian carrion!
Bradford: Yes, yes, clever wordplay. Now, let's get down to business.
Scrooge: Where is my family!?
Bradford: They'll all be joining you soon enough.
~ Bradford to a restrained Scrooge while showing him his captured relatives.
Bradford: As a chronicler of the unknown for the Junior Woodchucks, my grandmother dragged me on countless so-called, "adventures".
Scrooge: Isabella Finch? Your grandmother!?
Bradford: Please save all startles utterances of disbelief for the end.
~ Bradford confirming that Isabella Finch is his grandmother.
Grammy Finch claimed these dangerous excursions were "fun" and "educational". Well I did learn one thing: The world is full of chaos, and its only getting worse. I analyzed these trends and found that in times of high adventure, finances are thrown into a tizzy, and the world becomes increasingly unpredictable. So I dedicated my life to containing that chaos. First at SHUSH, then FOWL, even as your CEO. Just in the past thirty years, we've seen hyper-intelligent rodents, caped crusaders, flying bears, bouncing bears, living statues, and a veritable troop of goofs, misfits and adventurers. And all these events over the past century have one man in common. Who... Could... It... Be? I tried to reign you in. Isolate you. But your adventures just kept getting bigger, as did your family. Children belong in school halls and shopping malls. Not gallivanting around the globe! After decades, I realized I can't stop you. But I can... make a deal with you. After all, I'm a businessman, not a villain.
~ Braford explaining his past to Scrooge while also blaming him for the world's state of chaos and stating his intent to stop him once and for all, right before Scrooge frees himself and attacks Bradford.
Now, on to new business!
~ Bradford after gaining the Sword of Swanstantine.
~ Bradford clashing with Scrooge.
I've torn you apart once before.
~ Bradford about to reveal to Scrooge that he was responsible for Della's shipwreck on the moon eleven years ago.
Bradford: This is the last adventure, Scrooge! The Solego Vortex no longer teleports objects to other dimensions, it eliminates them from existence.
Black Heron: Nice outfit, I knew I'd make a villain of you.
Bradford: *growls angrily* FOWL has stolen a world's worth of adventure, and it'll be tossed down here forever!
Scrooge: My family will.....
Black Heron: Oh, you mean this family? *shows the captured Ducks on a hologram* Wave hello, everyone!
June: Hi, mommy!
Bradford: Each of them will soon be erased from existence as well, all except YOU!! Even if I tossed you in, you'd still find a way back! You always do.... you're Scrooge McDuck! So here's my offer...
Scrooge: What's this?!
Bradford: A contract.... I will allow you to return home with your family to live out the rest of your days as long as you agree to NEVER adventure again! And to ensure that you can't break this contract, you'll sign there, on...
Scrooge: ....the Papyrus of Binding!
Bradford: With the power to control reality.... making this document legally and mystically... UNBREAKABLE!!!
~ Bradford defeating Scrooge before revealing his endgame to rid the world of all adventures by converting the Solego Vortex into a black hole and using a contract with the Papyrus to force Scrooge to give up his desire for adventure.
I did it: the great Scrooge McDuck, now... only a poor old man! Normally, I wouldn't indulge in petty villainy, but since this is a special occasion....
~ Bradford gloating at his victory against Scrooge before deciding to kill Donald by dropping him into the Solego Vortex before engaging into an evil laugh out of further spite.
~ Bradford being outraged to hear that the Duck family have been released and saved Donald in time by turning off the Solego vortex, all thanks to May and June freeing them no thanks to Bradford's disposal of his clones and Heron.
Bradford: What!? IMPOSSIBLE!! I've worked on it for 30 years, went over with the finest toothcombs!!
Louie: According to this, Scrooge can be with his family as long as he doesn't adventure.
Huey: But family is the GREATEST ADVENTURE OF ALL!!
Bradford: That's the stupidest thing I ever heard! There's no way that- *sees the Papyrus disintegrating the contract to pieces* NO!! NOOOOOO!!!!!! *drops the Sword and loses his powers* I WILL NOT LOSE TO SCROOGE!!!
~ Bradford meeting his defeat after the triplet exposed a major loophole in his contract, causing him to lose his powers.
Please, no! I'M NOT A VILLAIN!!
~ Bradford’s final words before his conscience gets zapped from existence and he turns into a non-anthropomorphic vulture as punishment for his crimes.


  • It had been said that Bradford is over a hundred years old like Scrooge, though Scrooge calls him an octogenarian, implying he is in his 80s instead.
    • That said, it's possible that Scrooge is referring to how Bradford is physically 80 even if the latter is chronologically over a hundred.
  • Being one-quarter finch through his grandmother, Isabella Finch, Bradford is the second known interspecies hybrid character in the 2017 TV series' continuity, the first being Gladstone Gander.
  • Bradford is likely based on the middle member of the trio of The High Command as they both are the most prominent speaking, the ones giving the most orders to the rest of F.O.W.L., and are the leader of the trio.
    • The only notable difference is that the middle member is shaped like a duck, while Bradford is a vulture, much like the other two members. This member also has ambiguous gender as it's voice is sometimes male and sometimes female, while Bradford is, obviously, male.
  • Despite his villainy, Bradford did show some standards before and after his true nature was revealed.
    • During Scrooge's (fake) funeral, his face at Glomgold when he barged to posture were those of pure anger and disgust.
      • However, it can also be not out of standards, but out of annoyance since Season 3 establishes Bradford as a no-nonsense boss of F.O.W.L, and is disgusted and angered by Glomgold because what he is doing is what he considers annoying and nonsensical. It can also be due to his obsession with order, and what Glomgold is doing in what is supposed to be a funeral is disorderly in his eyes.
      • Even if he did genuinely respect Scrooge at his funeral, it is completely invalidated in "The Last Adventure!" when he admits to Scrooge that he psychologically tormented him through Della's disappearance by telling her about the Spear of Selene, attempts to drop Donald to his doom in the Solego Vortex right in front of Scrooge, and outright tries to kill him when it is shut down.
    • Bradford chews out Bulba on the use of the Ramrod due to how it threatens to destroy the world, which he tells Bulba is not the intent of F.O.W.L. Not only that, he points out that its usage also risks Scrooge discovering their existence, which ultimately happens.
      • Despite this, Bradford had no problem using the Ramrod with the universe at risk with no remorse to trap the triplets, despite trying to modify it afterward. If any, his excuses regarding Bulba's actions are extremely petty at best.
    • Bradford had a machine that could destroy Duckburg and the world, but refuses to use it due to wanting to rule the world with an iron fist as a totalitarian dictator and imposing a forceful absolute order system on the population of the world.
  • A plot hole created by the first episode is that Bentley is shown seated center and speaking rather than Bradford. All subsequent episodes have Bradford seated center and speaking, with it later revealed that the other two are clones who cannot speak in full coherent sentences.
    • However, this could most likely either be just an oversight by the animators, or Bradford and Bentley had designs switched following the production of the pilot.
    • Alternatively, it could also be a reference to "Dirty Money", the High Command's first actual appearance, where the right and middle members swapped places, let alone speaking roles (in fact, there’s a scene where said member is talking to Ammonia Pine alone), which is possibly a subtle hint to Bradford's main villain status in Season 3. Coincidentally in both cases, the middle and far-right members' places were switched, giving credence to the idea even further than the first point.
  • The finale reveals that Isabella Finch forced Bradford to go on adventures with her, calling it educational, but it led Bradford to becoming a traumatized control freak. Due to this, Bradford is Huey's dark parallel, because if not Scrooge's, Donald's and Della's moral compass, Huey could have ended up the same way that Bradford did. Also, Bradford could serve as a polar opposite to Webby, mostly because they were both shaped by their grandmothers' personality traits.
    • This makes Bradford the third antagonist in the reboot to be a character's (mostly the triplet's) dark counterpart (Bradford is Huey, if he let adventuring traumatize him, and Webby's polar opposite). The first one was Flintheart Glomgold (Dewey, if he lost touch in reality with his thrill seeking and scheming, and Scrooge's evil counterpart), while the second was Doofus Drake (Louie, if he left his greed and apathy unchecked).
  • Unlike every other antagonist in the series, Bradford is the only one who doesn't see himself or his organization as evil, believing that stopping the McDuck family will help bring order to the world. Ironically, due to his heinous actions, he is considered one of the most despicable villains that the McDuck family ever faced; even other villains (such as Magica, Glomgold, the Beagle Boys, and Bulba) despise him for his heinous and deluded nature, though Bulba himself was also irredeemably atrocious. Even more so, Bradford earned his ultimate comeuppance by being turned into a normal vulture by Magica in the final episode, keeping him as a pet as a punishment for his atrocities.

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Vandevere | Neils Skellig | Rufus Sorghum | Jafar (2019) | Iago (2019) | Cave of Wonders (2019) | Scar (2019) | Hyena Clan (2019) (Shenzi, Kamari & Azizi) | Queen Ingrith | Gerda | Borra | Rat (2019) | Devon & Rex | Isaac | Emperor Sheev Palpatine | Allegiant General Pryde | Chesille Sabrond | Chandra | Artemis Fowl | Opal Koboi | Briar Cudgeon | Troll | Princess January | Aaron Burr | Thomas Jefferson | James Madison | James Reynolds | King George III | Bori Khan | Hun Army (Xian Lang) | Cruella De Vil (2021) | Jasper and Horace (2021) | Baroness von Hellman | Prince Joachim | Lope de Aguirre | Zelly and Stacy

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Miss Hendra | Sensei Ty | Victor Krane | Dawn Buckets | Laughy Cat | Brad & Brads

King Nicholas

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Phantom Blot | Doctor Vulter | Solego the Chaos God | Arpine Lusène | Eli Squinch | Sylvester Shyster | Fantomius | Inquinator | Spectrus | Zafire | Emil Eagle | Sr. X | X-1, X-2 and X-3 | Professor Nefarious | Fliplip, Sidney and Armadillo | Neighbor Jones | Anacleto Faina | Anacleto Mitragli | Beagle Boys

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness | Xemnas

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