Bradley Fillion

Bradley Fillion

Captain Bradley Fillion is a minor antagonist in Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare. He is a captain in the Settlement Defence Front.

He was portrayed by Conor McGregor.


Fillion joined the UNSA at a very young age with his brother Michael, however Bradley was a Social Darwinist, hating Earth's policy of neutrality and constantly getting into fights with other soldiers.

Agreeing with the SDF's philosophy of force, and despising Earth's "weak" politicians, he defected to the SDF and was assigned to the 8th orbital fleet, eventually achieving the rank of captain.

In Rising Threat, Fillion was present when Salen Kotch gave the order to initiate Operation Riah and witnessed the interrogation of PO1 Dan "Wolf" Lyall as to how many men he brought with him. When Kotch gave the order for Wolf and his two injured men to be eliminated, Fillion personally beat Wolf to death.

Later, in Operation Port Armour, Fillion was on the bridge of the Ares Vallis when Captain Nick Reyes and his men assaulted the ship. After Reyes blew up the wall of the bridge, Fillion was one of the few who was not sucked into space, instead suffocating before dropping onto the console when the gravity came back on. His card was then stolen by Reyes in order to hack the ship's computer.

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