The Brain-Eating Meteor is the main antagonist of the segment "Little Rock of Horrors" of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.


The meteor appeared before a lonely Billy and convinced the idiotic boy through song into bringing everyone in Endsville to it for their brains to be eaten in exchange for its "friendship". Billy fed every human being in town to the meteor without second thoughts except for Mandy, since he considers her his best friend. However, the meteor eventually persuaded him into feeding Mandy to him as well, but after eating her brain the alien died due to Mandy being too evil for it to digest, and Mandy's personality took over the creature, demanding Billy to bring her even more brains.





  • "AAAHH! What's happening!?!"
  • "What a world!!"

Video Game Quotes Relating To The Meteor

  • "Oooh! Is there really meat in meteors?" (Billy)
  • "Now there's something you don't see every day." (Mandy)
  • "A meteor from outer space!?! That's out of jurisdiction!" (Grim)
  • "Technically, when it hit the ground it stopped being a brain-eating meteor and then it became a brain-eating meteorite! Science fact, yo." (Irwin)
  • "Hey, space rock! Meet earth rock!" (Mogar)
  • "Move over, vegan! Here comes something meteor!" (Eris)
  • "Tentacles too, eh? Maybe we're related." (Nergal)
  • "Meteor? Yes!" (Fred Fredburger)
  • "You won't get anything out of me, Brain-Eating Meteor!" (Hoss)
  • "Meteor don't be telling Dracula what to do! Dracula was born doing what to do!" (Dracula)
  • "Seriously, kids. There's nothing funny about meteors." (Jack)
  • "You might be bigger than me, but I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve." (Nergal Jr.)
  • "Brain-Eating Meteors, huh? How cliche." (Boogeyman)
  • "Oooh, a one-eyed pet will be perfect for me!" (Skarr)
  • "Nice to meteor you! Hahahaha! Prepare to be crushed!" (Lord Pain)


  • The resemblance to Audrey II more than passing.
  • The music for this episode was provided by professional macabre-themed musician Voltaire, who wrote and performed "BRAINS!!!" specifically for the show.
  • The speaking voice of him is Jeff Bennett while his singing voice is Voltaire.
  • The Brain-Eating Meteor appears as the final boss of the story mode section of the game. Every playable character has a quote related to it.


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