Brain Freeze

Loves ice cream, snowstorms, and brains...not necessarily in that order.
~ Brain Freeze's description.
Bundle up! Brain Freeze is going to put you on ice! He also has a herd of Zombie Pets. Those varmints are fast. Get rid of 'em quick!
~ Crazy Dave's view on Brain Freeze.

Brain Freeze is one of the secondary antagonists of the mobile game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. He is a zombie hero of Yeti Zombie, who leads Beastly and Sneaky classes.



Not much is known about Brain Freeze's past. However, in his introduction comic strips, he can be seen freezing an entire neighborhood alongside Wall-Knight and Grass Knuckles, who attempted to attack him.

Plant Missions

Brain Freeze appeared in Ice Zombie Cometh to turn a waterpark into his own by freezing it. While having fun, Solar Flare used her firepower to defeat him from further trouble.

Zombie Missions

Brain Freeze can be seen in Battle at the BBQ carrying his jelly plate, until Green Shadow was being thrown into that plate, which made him sad.

Brain Freeze also returned in It Came from the Green House alongside Super Brainz and Impfinity to stop Chompzilla attacking a group of zombie invaders. He managed to defeat her by freezing her mouth.

In Code Orange! Citron Invades!, Brain Freeze, Rustbolt, and Z-Mech came to the moon to stop Citron, Rose, and Grass Knuckles from putting their flag in that place. During the fight, Z-Mech kicked a Spin Dashing Citron and hit both Rose and Grass Knuckles out of the moon.

Brain Freeze also returned in Mini-Golf Standoff alongside The Smash and Impfinity stopping Wall-Knight from interrupting a golf game. He managed to defeat him by hitting him into a hole with a golf stick.

Powers and Abilities

Brain Freeze has a knack for making the Plants chill out.
~ Frozen Tundra's description.

Brain Freeze's ability is similar to the Yeti in the Garden Warfare series. However, he can create a tundra out of it and neutralize the climate in his area.



  • Brain Freeze leads Beastly and Sneaky classes, which is a class that Neptuna supposed to lead.
  • In Code Orange! Citron Invades!, Brain Freeze wears his helmet in space, despite the fact zombies do not need air to breathe.
  • Brain Freeze is not a robot, due to the fact he has food obsession.
    • This would make him, Primeval Yeti, Cosmic Yeti, and (possibly) Cryo Yeti are the only yeti zombies that are not robots.
  • When Brain Freeze enters the battle at the beginning, the ice statue he breaks out from has the same pose resembling a famous still supposedly made by a Bigfoot from footage taken during the Patterson-Gimlin film.



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