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Brain freezer
Brain Freezer (Voiced by Louis Chirillo in Seasons 1-4, Bill Mondy in the late Season 4-Season 5) is an antagonist of Johnny Test. and he is the former coffee guy of Susan and Mary's school. He is no longer evil and dosen't freeze Johnny anymore. In "Lawn Gone Johnny", he turns evil again for unknown reasons. Also, in "Johnny's First Annual Snowball", he keeps on messing up with his improved supervillain suit. His real name was never revealed. He appeared in "Johnny X And The Attack of The Snowmen", "Johnny X Strikes Back". He first appeared in "Johnny vs Brain Freezer".

When wearing his armor, he has ice blue skin with hair made of ice the stand up behind him, his armor is ice blue as well with button of other colors, his right arm has a blaster on it as well and he can fly when in his armor.

when not wearing his armor earlier, he had pale skin, short messy brown hair and blue eyes and was very shy. he always wore dark jeans with a dark purple polo shirt and black tennis shoes or a white dress shirt with the sleeve pulled up to the elbows and tan dress pants.

After Johnny's help, Susan and Mary change his appearance three times,

the first being goth with changed him completly, dying his hair dark blue, putting make up on him and peircing his nose and painting his nails blue. his outfit was a red t shirt, a black trench coat, black jeans with two black crossed belts and black combat boots.

The second time was when the mecine that changed his appearance was fixed to well. he came out with dark tan skin, blond hair and his voice changed slightly. he aggred that they could tone back the machine but he liked thi appearance.

The third time was the one he kept, he grew taller, more muscular and very attractive much to his joy when he opened a coffee lounge on the Porkbelly tech campus where a jazz band played and he was constantly surrounded by girls, saying, "there is enough of me and coffee to go around", Johnny and Dukey are seen at a table, Dukey drinking a hot coffee and Johnny drinking either iced coffee or a frapachino.


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