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{{Quote|Attack Big Star Brain!|Star Soldier announcer}}
{{Quote|Attack Big Star Brain!|Star Soldier announcer}}
'''Star Brains''' are bosses of the invading antagonistic aliens in ''Star Soldier'' franchise. They are encountered as bosses at the end of each stage. If players do not succeed in destroying them within the alloted time, they will escape, and players' fighter craft will be sent back to the mid-way point in the stage. Players will not go anywhere until they manage to defeat Star Brains. The second encounter and afterward Star Brains will have their attack patterns reinforced, making them harder to defeat.
'''Star Brains''' are bosses of the invading antagonistic aliens encountered at the end of each stages in ''Star Soldier'' franchise.
==Species and Variants==
==Species and Variants==

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Attack Star Brain!
~ Star Soldier announcer
Attack Big Star Brain!
~ Star Soldier announcer

Star Brains are bosses of the invading antagonistic aliens encountered at the end of each stages in Star Soldier franchise.

Species and Variants

Star Brains

Star Soldier Star Brain

The Star Brain is a recurring boss in the video game Star Soldier. At the end of every stage, the player must fight the Star Brain and defeat it within a time limit (10 seconds in the first encounter, 30 seconds in second encounter and onward) or the boss will escape, sending the player at an earlier checkpoint. If the boss isn't defeated a second time, it will fire heat seeking fireballs at the player. There is also a stronger variant of this boss, known as the Big Star Brain. Star Brains require 32 shots onto the core brain to be destroyed.

Big Star Brains

Star Soldier Big Star Brain

The Big Star Brain is the vastly improved  model to the normal Star Brain and the primary antagonist of the original Star Soldier. It has a much greater defense, being much larger in comparison to the original and featuring four turrets to defend itself. At the end of Stage 4, 8, 12, and 16, the player must face off against the Big Star Brain and, like the original, defeat it within a time limit (30 seconds) before it escapes, sending the player to an earlier checkpoint. It also fires heat seeking fireballs at the player when the player takes longer to defeat it a second time. To destroy the Big Star Brain, the player must first destroy the four cannons on the boss then attack the brain itself.

Mother Brain


The Mother Brain is the primary antagonist of Super Star Soldier and the parody game Star Parodier. After the Star Brain Corps' defeat in the original game, four years later, they return under the command of the Mother Brain to take over Earth. As a result, Earth sends in the Neo Caesar to do battle against the Star Brain Corps once again. The battle against the Mother Brain consists of five phases. It first starts out as a massive battleship armed with two turrets on each side. It attacks with lasers and a spread shot and can also ram into the players. For the second phase, the ship will attach itself to a much more powerful ship, firing even more lasers and spread shot bullets. After the ship is destroyed, the brain will be revealed, and with a turret guarding the brain, the boss will attack by firing lasers. After the front turret is destroyed, the brain will be left vulnerable for attack. However, it not only fires lasers, but the boss also unleashes projectiles that can be shot down as well as lightning attacks that have to be dodged. After taking enough damage, the brain will be left exposed with all the mechanical parts destroyed. It will fire the destroyable projectiles, but the brain also has the ability to multiply itself. Quickly take out the fake brains before focusing your attacks on the real brain.

Star Parodier Mother Brain


In Star Parodier, which is actually a parody of the series than an actual installment of the series, the Mother Brain starts out as a seemingly innocent princess. However, after she takes enough damage, she reveals herself to be a cartoonish-like brain. After taking enough damage in that form, she'll enter a massive, heavily armed mech before ejecting from the mech after it takes enough damage. The brain will then attack by swinging a pulsating ball at you.

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