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Ready to set the world on fire? Heheheh...
~ Brand
I am the fire that cleanses the world!
~ Brand

Brand, also known as The Burning Vengeance and formerly known as Kegan Rodhe, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. An immortal, soulless creature of living flame, Brand was once a human foolish enough to seize the power of the legendary World Runes for himself, and now roams Valoran forever as a vessel of endless suffering.

The 74th champion added to the game, Brand was released on April 12, 2011, and is most commonly played as a support or in the mid lane.

His voice actor is unknown.



Kegan Rodhe was born the son of a Freljordian healer, but he and his mother were outcasts because his father was a reaver from an enemy tribe. Kegan and his mother survived in a small coastal settlement known as Rygann's Reach, where they lived lonely lives on the fringes of society.

After many years, Kegan's mother succumbed to the cold of winter and died. Kegan cremated his mother and spread her funeral ashes, and was furious that he was the only one who came to pay his respects to a great healer. Kegan wished the villagers who shunned them would've died instead of his mother, and when the villagers told him to leave as well, Kegan took a torch and burned Rygann's Reach to the ground, taking his revenge before fleeing into the frozen tundra of the Freljord.

Apprentice of Ryze

Alone in the blizzard, Kegan was certain he would freeze to death. But instead, Kegan was approached by another outsider, the mage named Ryze. Seeing the young man alone and freezing in the cave, Ryze recognized great magic within Kegan and offered to train him as an apprentice. With nowhere else to go, Kegan accepted Ryze's offer and began went to travel with the old sorcerer.

As a student, Brand was brash and impatient, frustrated by his uncontrollable powers and often unwilling to heed his master's teachings. Brand accompanied Ryze on his travels, but as he learned about the mage's mission, he became curious, even envious at the power Ryze sought to collect and lock away, being the legendary World Runes, the magic artifacts responsible for the chaos and destruction the engulfed Runeterra during the Rune Wars. Kegan resented his master for paying more attention to his mission than to his apprentice's instruction, so when Ryze retrieved one of the World Runes, Kegan ignored his teacher's warnings and seized the artifact's power for himself.

The Burning Vengeance

The raw magic of the World Rune was more powerful than Kegan anticipated, and as the power burned through his hand and flesh, his soul was utterly consumed by burning magic. As Ryze looked on in horror, he knew that Kegan was now gone, completely replaced by this chaotic creature of fire and malice. The fiery creature attacked Ryze, striking out with vengeance and fury. Ryze barely escaped with his life, leaving the monster to wander Runeterra alone for centuries to come. Over time, mortals came to know him as Brand, the Burning Vengeance.

Brand cursed his former master's name, and began to search all of the mortal realm for him and the place where he had hidden the powerful World Runes. Brand vowed to find these Runes wherever they may be, knowing full well that no one will be able to stop him when he does.


In game, Brand is a burst-type character, a mage that uses his fire magic to quickly burn down vulnerable targets. Brand's passive, Blaze, sets targets on fire when they are hit by his spells, which can stack up to four times to build up into an area-of-effect blast. Brand can use Sear to throw a fireball that stuns enemies who are already on fire, Pillar of Flame to blast an area on the ground, and Conflagration to throw a fireball that can spread to nearby enemies if the target is ablaze. Brand's ultimate, Pyroclasm, unleashes a massive fireball that bounces between enemies, dealing more damage each time.


In life, Kegan was stubborn and hotheaded, often ignoring his master's instructions and lacking the patience to control his magic properly, and was even prone to violent outbursts as a result of his lonely upbringing. Kegan also showed a vengeful side when he burned down his own village, whom he blamed for his mother's death. Vengeance would later become a major part of his character, as when Brand took over his body it became his defining trait. As Brand, he hates everything and everyone, seeking to destroy the entire world with the power of the Runes, but he especially hates his former master, and wants vengeance on him most of all.



  • He is the arch-nemesis of Ryze, the Rune Mage and his former master.
  • Kegan was 19 years old when he became Brand, and has currently wandered Runeterra for several centuries.
  • He may have been based on Surtur, a mythical Norse titan of magma foretold to bring about a fiery cataclysm known as Ragnarök.


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