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Ah hahahahaha! Wonderful woman. We're all, we're all very fond of her. Very free-spirited.
~ Brandt, on Bunny Lebowski's propositioning The Dude

Brandt is a minor antagonist in the 1998 live action film, The Big Lebowski. He was the loyal henchman of the millionaire The Big Lebowski.

He was portrayed by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, who also portrayed Owen Davian in Mission Impossible III.


When Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski came to Lebowski's mansion seeking compensation for his ruined rug, Brandt informed Lebowski of the situation before taking the Dude on the grand tour. When his boss came into his office he left the two alone. After Lebowski brushed off the Dude's request, the Dude left the office. He then tricked Brandt into giving him a replacement rug, saying Lebowski told him to take any rug he wanted.

On the way out of the mansion the Dude met Lebowski's young trophy wife Bunny, who offered to perform oral sex on him for $1,000. When Brandt tried to distract the Dude Bunny informed them that Brandt couldn't watch unless he paid $100.

Bunny soon disappeared. The Nihilists Bunny knew cooked up a ransom scheme in order to squeeze Lebowski for more money. Brandt contacted the Dude at Lebowski's request and hired him to deliver the ransom money. When the Dude's friend Walter Sobchak gave them a briefcase filed with his dirty whites, the Nihilists responded by sending Lebowski a severed toe, telling him it was one of Bunny's toes. In response Brandt and Lebowski grabbed the Dude off the street and confronted him over his failure.

The Dude soon figured out that Brandt and Lebowski were setting him up, that Lebowski was using the situation to embezzle a million dollars from the Lebowski foundation. When he and Walter arrived at Lebowski's mansion they found Bunny was back home. Brandt tried to keep the two men from seeing Lebowski, but they barged in to Lebowski's studies despite his protests.

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