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Brant is a minor antagonist in Brickleberry, only appearing in the episode Little Boy Malloy. He is an elementary school bully, who torments people such as Malloy and Steve both physically and verbally.

He wa voiced by Lucas O'Guin.


In Little Boy Malloy, Malloy was sent to Hazelhurst Elementary School in disguise as a human boy, where he was immediately bullied mercilessly by the popular kid, Brant. Brant insulted Malloy for being ugly and told him that he was a faggot, who would never get a girlfriend. Malloy wasn't having none of that, so he immediately said back to Brant that he'll be doing three things to him. First, he'll be stealing his friends. Second, he'll steal his girlfriend, and third, he was going to kill him.

The next say at school, Steve Williams from Brickleberry National Park came to the class as a guest speaker. As if Steve's glossophobia (fear of public speaking) didn't make this awkward enough for him, Brant heckled him in the audience calling him fat and ugly. Malloy one-upped Brant by giving Steve some far more profane and offensive insults, which got bigger laughs from the other kids and ultimately led to all of Brant's friends, unfriending him and siding with Malloy.

On the night of the school play, Malloy enacted phase two of his plan by entering the school play of Romeo & Juliet and generally being sexual with her. A furious Brant ran up on stage to attack Malloy, only to be clawed to pieces in front of everyone.

After that disaster of the play went down, Brant's mutilated corpse was shown in the background, lying on a hospital stretcher, while Dr. Kuzniak tried to revive him. However, Brant wouldn't come to and he was pronounced dead on the spot.


  • Brant's voice actor, Lucas O'Guin, is the son of Brickleberry showrunner, Waco O'Guin.
  • Although his name was never stated in the episode, it was revealed to be Brant in the credits.


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