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Branwen is a "Dragon Descendant" in the Queen's Blade series, one of the most noble and rare beings in the Continent also known as the "Holy Dragon Warriors" for serving the dragons in the ancient times. Unfortunately, she has become a gladiator slave and is forced to fight for her life against other slaves and monsters in the Queen's Arena. Ordered to fight in exchange for the life of her dragon ride (Usher) that was captured along with her, Branwen has been through numerous fights to the death. Her current master is the Trainer Dogura. For a bit of prestige, cheap wine and praise from the beautiful Swamp Witch, the goblin forces Branwen to fight day after day without mercy. However, the pride of her lineage won’t allow her to die easily.

Dogura is the owner of Branwen, the captured dragon warrior.


Branwen is cool, collected, and proud but also gentle in nature. Since there are hardly any interaction between the dragons and humans, she sometimes serves as a mediator for both races. The number of people who admire the beauty of her riding the dragons in the sky is not small. Although it appears she is captured, it is in fact that she enjoys captivity, which may mean she has masochistic tendencies.

As a goblin slave trader, Dogura must do what he can to ensure those under his captivity satisfy his goals. He is rather harsh with his subjects, thus ensuring they fight harder for him. He may even free a subject if they are able to overcome what he has asked of them. Dogura's main goal is to impress The Swamp Witch through battle to gain her affection.


  • Branwen may be named after Branwen, a major character in the Mabinogi of Celtic Mythology.
  • The chain tattoo on Branwen's left thigh is an indicator of Dogura's power over her. When she gains battles for him, one link vanishes; when she loses, one more link appears. Dogura only intends to release her when all the chain links are gone.
  • Dogura usually talks in a bold, rude manner, but when he's addressing someone he considers more important than himself (the witch, Melona, Menace), he talks more humbly and slurs his "s."
  • Dogura is voiced by Binbin Takaoka (Japanese) who also voiced M.O.D.O.K. & The Leader in Earth's Mightiest Heroes Japanese dub & by Mike Pollock, who also voiced the Calibara Tribe Elder in the same series, as well as Charon & the currently, Dr. Eggman.
  • Branwen is voiced by Kikuko Inoue, who also voiced I-No & Lust.
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