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Bras Pique is the main antagonist of the operetta Naughty Marietta. His alter ego being the Governor of Louisiana's effeminate son Étienne. He also appears in the film version of the operetta, but is killed by Captain Warrington and his men as he and his pirates attack the vessel carrying the ladies to their new American homes and husbands. His alter ego was removed from the film entirely for censorship reasons. The Hayes people wouldn't allow an effeminate character to appear onscreen.

Character history

Étienne, the son of the Governor of Louisiana, has turned pirates in the hopes of amassing enough wealth to rule the 13 colonies of American history like a king. To further this goal, he hopes to locate a runaway princess, Marietta, and return her to her guardian for a huge reward, as she is to marry a nobleman from Spain who wants her money.  He fails, and at a ball in Marietta's honor, is unmasked and killed by the Captain himself.

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