Brattina is one of the main villains of the animated TV show Pound Puppies. She is Katrina's equally evil daughter, although she doesn't resemble her, and often gloats with Catgut when they're winning, but is equally quick to whine and cry when they ultimately lose. Her catchphrase is Icky-Poo! Like her mom, she hates dogs. When Katrina yells at her for one reason or another, she often replies with something like "Scream in my ears, why don'tcha!" She also constantly refers to Katrina as "Mommy Dearest". She also has a crush on Mervin, but then she fell in love with Captain Slaughter. The whereabouts of Brattina's father are unknown. In season 2, she started wearing a jacket. Like all the other characters, little is known about her backstory.

In the original draft for Season 1 of Pound Puppies, Brattina was going to be Holly's sister. In the final draft, she was made into Katrina's daughter. The writers thought having them be mother and daughter would give a reason why they're both evil. Since this was a last minute change, there was no time to redesign Brattina to make her look like Katrina and her original design remained. This explains why Brattina bears no physical resemblance with Katrina.

Many fans believe that Brattina looks and sounds like Marie Kanker from Ed Edd n Eddy. Rumors have speculated that Brattina becomes the mother of the Kanker sisters when she's older. It's unknown whether or not it's true.

Brattina was voiced by Adrienne Alexander, who voiced Bright Eyes in the TV special. Alexander was the wife of Tom Ruegger, who wrote for the special and the TV series.

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