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Brawl is a brutish member of the Combaticons, and a major antagonist of the Transformers video games Transformers: War for Cybertron and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Despite his aggression, Brawl is still a competent commander.

He was voiced by Nolan North.


Transformers: War for Cybertron

During the War on Cybertron, Brawl served under Megatron, who sought the Dark Energon guarded by the neutral Starscream. He was part of the crew, along with Barricade, when Megatron laid siege to the orbiting station where Starscream hid the Dark Energon. After Megatron entered the station, Brawl and Barricade helped Megatron fight his way into the station. Starscream's constant taunting irritated Brawl, to the point he requested permission to rip off his head. The Decepticons eventually reached the supply of Dark Energon and prevented Starscream from destroying it, and as his reward, Megatron infused Brawl with the Energon's power.

Later, during the Decepticon assault on the Autobot capital Iacon, Brawl commanded the ground attack while Starscream commanded the aerial forces and Megatron led a small strikeforce into the heart of the city. Megatron's team eventually reunited with Brawl and his forces outside the Iacon Vaults, where Autobot leader Sentinel Zeta Prime had taken refuge. Despite being heavily out-numbered, Brawl held out until Megatron, Breakdown and Soundwave could assist. Brawl complained about Starscream's refusal to give his ground troops air support. When Megatron's Dark Energon failed to open the massive doors to the Vaults, the enraged Decepticon ordered a bombing run. Brawl attempted to protest, since the Autobots' anti-aircraft defenses were still active, but Megatron would not be convinced. After the bombing attempt failed, Brawl suggested they first take the anti-aircraft guns. Megatron noted this, and commanded him to see to it.

The Decepticons successfully disabled the anti-aircraft guns and Brawl once again called down a bombing run, only to be refused by Starscream. Taking issue with Starscream referring to the bombers as 'his ships', Megatron ensured the bombing run would take place. However, Brawl and his comrades now had to hold off a massive Autobot counterattack until the bombers arrived. Despite fighting and killing numerous Autobots, it seemed as though the Decepticons would be overwhelmed by the entire Autobot army. Brawl, keeping track of the bombers' progress, started counting down the last few seconds verbally, and the Decepticons watched as the Autobots realized their doom, too late to retreat to safety. Megatron ordered Brawl to hold his position while he led his team to deal with Zeta Prime. Brawl later journeyed with Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons to Cybertron's core, watching as Megatron corrupted the core.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron




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