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Brawl Doll

Brawl Doll is a angelic-like doll that is a boss in Wario World.


As Wario first finds the boss inside the basement of the mansion, he finds it facing away from him. It then opens it's eyes and swerves it's head to face it's foe. Brawl Doll has three main attacks. The first is a basic combo of wings swipes, increasing in speed the more damage the boss takes.

The second attack starts being used after the boss has some damage: a small laser blast towards the anti-hero. This attack changes into a trio of lasers later in the fight.

The final attack is a floor sweep towards Wario, it's most deadly attack. Wario must use either use his Corkscrew Conk or one of the flaming pillars in the arena to knock it to the ground to stun it. When this happens, he is allowed to use a Mad Move to take a point of damage off. After five hits, the boss dies, and Wario is allowed to move on to the next area, the Wonky Circus.