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Bread Monsters are characters from the 2007 video game Team Fortress 2 and its 2014 animated short "Expiration Date". They are the result of bread being sent through the Engineer's teleporter, causing them to develop a mutation and grow into feral and violent monsters.


"Expiration Date"

Using bread, Medic and the Engineer experiment on the teleporter and find that the teleporters create what they thought were tumors in the bread. Soldier is angry that they cannot teleport bread, and Engineer tells him that he can teleport as much bread as he would like, as they all likely had tumors as well and would die in the next three days. Engineer and Medic continue to experiment, and discover that hen bread is teleported repeatedly, the growths mutate and bring the bread to life, creating feral, vicious monsters with sharp teeth. They eventually find out that the tumors are actually a "self-aware beauty mark" that all of them are fine and healthy, and nothing will go wrong as long as they do not teleport bread. Soldier then says that he has done nothing but teleport bread for three days, resulting in a Giant Bread Monster that attacks the base and tries to kill all of the mercenaries. As the others hold it off, Scout and Miss Pauling are able to wire a bomb to destroy the monster. However, when the way is shut, Scout and Miss Pauling jump into the monster's mouth just before the bomb goes off, killing it and saving themselves and the base. As the short ends, Pyro is seen playing with a bread monster.

Team Fortress 2

Following the Love and War Update, bread monster-themed weapons were included in the game. Heavy received the Bread Bites, a pair of bread monsters that he uses as boxing gloves; Scout received the Mutated Milk, a container of milk with a bread monster that latches onto enemies; Spy received the Snack Attack, a bread monster in a metal harness that attaches to machines and damages them; and Sniper received the Self-Aware Beauty Mark, a glass vial of chemicals with a bread monster that latches onto enemies. Additionally, the Bread Heads and Bread Biter cosmetics were added to the game, both resembling bread monsters, and there is a chance that a type of bread will come out when a player uses a teleporter.





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