Infernal Red Blaze, once again you hinder me. But I will have the last laugh.
~ Breager
You finally came, Red Blaze. Although I have not completely recovered my power, I am powerful enough to destroy you and put an end to the legend of the Red Blaze.
~ Breager before fighting Firebrand.

King Breager is the main antagonist of both Gargoyle's Quest, and Gargoyle's Quest II. He is imfamous for constantly trying to take over the Ghoul Realm by killing it's rulers, but then being stopped by the Red Blaze.


Breager is giant, being four times the size of Firebrand. In Gargoyle's Quest, his skin color is blue and he has four arms, in both of his incarnations he is shown to be wearing angelic like armor.


Gargoyle's Quest II

In Gargoyle's Quest II, Breager is revived by his right-hand man Goza, and then goes on to send his army of destroyers to kill Morock, steal King Barr's power, and trap King Valles, the King of the Ghoul Realm.

After all of this is fixed by the Red Blaze, Breager and Goza challenge and are defeated by the Red Blaze, he then goes on to wipe out the destroyers with fire.

Gargoyle's Quest

In Gargoyle's Quest, Breager is revived again by an unknown source, he steals the power of the King of the Ghoul Realm, Darkoan. Firebrand then gives Darkoan his power back, and King Darkoan wipes out the destroyers while Firebrand defeats Breager.



  • The Destroyers
    • Nagus
    • Fake King/Malgor
    • Goza
    • Zundo Druer
    • Bellzemos



Gargoyle's Quest

Welcome, Red Blaze. I know of your power. There is no need for us to fight. Why don't you become my follower. If you do, I'll give this realm to you. You will be king. What do you say, Red Blaze?
~ Breager trying to trick Firebrand.
You dare to oppose me?! Come to me. You fool! I absorbed your power. Feel my vengeance?
~ Breager if Firebrand says yes to Breager's offer.
What! I've been defeated twice? I'll never forget this. I'll be back and... then... I'll... guuh... GWAAAA!!!!!!!!!
~ Breager after he is defeated.

Gargoyle's Quest II

I cannot believe this! I never dreamed my plot would be thwarted by you, Red Blaze. But remember, someday I will revive and destroy you!
~ Breager after he is defeated.





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