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*King Darkoan
*King Darkoan
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Infernal Red Blaze, once again you hinder me. But I will have the last laugh
~ Breager
You dare to oppose me?! Come to me. You fool! I absorbed your power. Feel my Vengeance!
~ Agreeing with Breager's request

King Breager is the main antagonist of both Gargoyle's Quest, and Gargoyle's Quest II. He is imfamous for constantly trying to take over the Ghoul Realm by killing it's rulers, but then being stopped by the Red Blaze.


Breager is giant, being three times the size of Firebrand. His skin color is blue and has four arms, this could be based on the Hindu god of destruction Shiva, backed up by the fact that Breager is the King of Destruction. In both of his incarnations he is shown to be wearing angelic like armor.


Gargoyle's Quest II

He is revived by his right-hand man Goza, and then goes on to send his army of destroyers to kill Morock, steal King Barr's power, and trap Darkoan, the King of the Ghoul Realm.

After all of this is reversed by the Red Blaze, he and Goza challenge and are defeated by said Red Blaze, the Red Blaze then goes on to wipe out the destroyers with fire.

Gargoyle's Quest

He is revived again by an unknown source, he steals the power of every Barone (what they call the Demon Lords in the game) in the Ghoul Realm, especially King Darkoan. Firebrand then defeats Breager, gives Darkoan his power back, and King Darkoan wipes out the destroyers.



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    • Nagus
    • Fake King/Malgor
    • Goza
    • Zundo Druer
    • Bellzemos


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