Breakdown is a supporting villain in Transformers: Prime.

He is a Decepticon brute whose weapons include two built-in hammers, as well as being Knock Out's best friend and Bulkhead's archnemesis.

He was voiced by Adam Baldwin.


Transformers: War For Cybertron

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Transformers Prime

In the episode Operation Breakdown he was captured by a human terrorist organization called M.E.C.H. Wishing to learn from his parts they began to dismantle him starting with his eye. Before they could do anything else Bulkhead came to rescue him. Starcream arrived later on and ordered him to attack Bulkhead. He was hesitant but eventually attacked.

His eye could not be replaced apparently and he was given a patch to cover his socket. This would force him to become the subject of humiliation and permanent defeat.

In the episode, Crossfire, Breakdown was sent by Megatron with Dreadwing on a mission to terminate Airachnid. Despite admitting earlier that he was "intrigued" by her, Breakdown was the first to attack Airachnid. She managed to lure him into a trap where she sliced into his body and decapitated him. This presumably killed him and his remains were captured by M.E.C.H.

Afterwards in "The Human Factor", M.E.C.H used his body to create a shell and life support system for their mortally injured leader, Silas. Silas tried to convince Megatron to allow him to take Breakdown's place "at the table", to which Megatron tested his usefulness by sending him to go kill the Autobots' human child allies, starting with Raf who was a critical intellectual ally to the Autobots. Once Silas failed after Bulkhead and Smokescreen intervened, Megatron dismissed him saying he was no longer useful. Knockout and Starscream then tortured, dissected and experimented on Silas out of both revenge and to discover further knowledge of Human biology until they accidently used a mix of Dark and synthetic energon to bring Breakdown back to life as a zombie. The Breakdown/Silas zombie wandered the halls of the Nemesis, converting many Vehicons before being killed by Airachnid, again... However, he managed to infect her before his passing, the mangled body of Silas thanking her before dying.


  • Possibly numerous counts of unnamed Autobots.
  • MECH soldiers.



  • Breakdown was originally intended to be Lugnut before being dropped and replaced by the said Decepticon due to the show creators wanted a land-based Decepticon instead.
  • Despite his lack of on-screen accomplishments, in Operation: Breakdown, Starscream claims he is a key player to the Decepticon cause indicating that Breakdown apparently did score major victories upon battling Autobots back on Cybertron, before the show began. 


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