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~ The Breather right before he kills the player.

The Breather is the main antagonist in Welcome to the Game. He later returns in the sequel as a major antagonist.

He is a serial killer who specifically targets hitch-hikers and people searching the Deep Web like the player. The Breather will at first harass the player with phone calls (usually with heavy breathing, which is where his nickname originates from) before arriving at their porch and trying to break in, leaving it to the player to hold the door knob shut and brace themselves as he tries to kick the door down.

If they fail at these two tasks, the Breather will bust through the door and slit their throat/disembowel them with his kitchen knife.


The Breather appears as a bald man without any hair, with large eyes and wears a surgical mask, as well as wearing a minorly bloodstained hoodie with the hood always up. His lack of hair could be caused by alopecia, and his large eyes could be caused by use of amphetamine drugs.  His hoodie changes color by game. In the original Welcome to the Game, it is blue, but in the sequel it is dark gray with a brown tint.


Hide and seek say I to myself, and step out of the dream of wake into the dream of sleep.
~ Breather
I'm getting closer.
~ Breather
~ Breather
Knock knock. Who's there? I'm here!
~ Breather
I can see you in there!
~ Breather


  • Due to his drab hoodie, slender and unnatural appearance, kitchen knife, and career as a psychopathic serial killer who breaks into people's houses to gut them after a one-liner, the Breather heavily resembles Jeff the Killer.
  • He apparently is a member of Noir, hinted by the end of Welcome to the Game II.
  • It is unknown how many victims exact the Breather has. The blood being on the two hoodies confirms at least two victims.
  • Despite trying to kill Lydia in the first game, he has apparently become allies with her in the second game, as they are shown to both be members of Noir.


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