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Oh, kitten, you didn't drink your milk. How are you ever gonna grow big enough to make me a coat?
~ Bree sadistically mocking Tally the cheetah cub.

Bree Blackburn is the secondary antagonist of Nickelodeon's 9th feature film The Wild Thornberrys Movie. She is an infamous poacher serving as the wife and right-hand person of Sloan Blackburn, the leader of the poachers.

She was voiced by Marisa Tomei who also played Dr. May Updale in The First Purge.


Bree initially appeared as a friendly, polite, generous, kindhearted and animal-loving zoologist, but this was just to disguise her true nature as a cruel, greedy, murderous, evil, sadistic and ruthless poacher.

Like Sloan, Bree is an unspeakably ruthless sociopath, willing to hurt anybody that gets in the way of their poaching operation, including children. She also takes sadistic glee in tormenting and mocking the animals she hunts, more so than her husband. Her sadistic and sociopathic nature was shown when she restrained Eliza while Sloan threatened Debbie's life. While Sloan wanted to use Debbie in order to coerce Eliza into revealing how she knew about the poachers' plan, Bree just told him to kill the teenager, implying that she would have just tortured Eliza into revealing what she knew. Bree's only positive trait is her relationship with her husband Sloan, whom she genuinely loves and respects.


Sloan and Bree were first seen in a helicopter and kidnapped the young cheetah Talley on the Savannah, though their faces were not shown during the scene, indirectly sparking Eliza's search for Tally and the poachers.

After returning to Africa from England, Eliza unknowingly encountered a rhinoceros whom the poachers had shot his horn, and Sloan and Bree arrived to the scene posing as concerned zoologists. Eliza, Darwin, and Donnie later ran into Bree and Sloan yet again at their camp, and the two allowed the group to stay with them for the night.

However, when Eliza discovered the Blackburns' equipment in their RV along with a captive Tally, Bree and Sloan's evil true colors were revealed, and they took Eliza and her friends captive. Sloan was fearful about Eliza's mysterious pre-knowledge of the poachers' "fence" in Timbo Valley and what else she could know that could threaten Sloan's poaching operation. Before Sloan could interrogate Eliza on what else she knew, Eliza's sister Debbie arrived looking for Eliza. While Bree takes Eliza hostage, Sloan threatened to kill Debbie if Eliza refuses to reveal her source of information. As such, Eliza is forced to admit that she has the power to talk to animals, and that the animals living in the valley gave her the information in the first place. A storm arises, taking away Eliza's powers, and forcing the horrified Blackburns to flee away by chopper.

Later that day, as the poachers prepared at Timbo Valley to use bombs to drive the arriving elephants to stampede into their electrified fence, Sloan oversaw and the operation and gave the orders while Bree pilots the helicopter. They almost succeeded in murdering all the elephants, but their plot was foiled when Eliza managed to stop the elephants and turn them around just before they reached the fence. Enraged at Eliza's heroic interference, Sloan forcefully picked her up on the chopper's ladder and hurled her into a waterfall. Bree and Sloan then tried to shoot the elephants down from in the air as a backup plan, but the elephants pulled their chopper down out of the air by its ladder and destroyed it. Once the eclipse ended, Bree and Sloan were defeated and cornered by the vengeful elephants and arrested by the rangers for their crimes.





  • A minor instance of foreshadowing was shown during the movie when Bree and Sloan insisted on Eliza, Darwin and Donnie staying for the night, they were forbidden from going inside the camper, thus hiding evidence of their true occupation.
  • Bree's maiden last name is unknown.
  • She is the third Nickelodeon Movie character to be a female antagonist.
  • Bree and Sloan are easily the two most evil villains in the Wild Thornberrys franchise and arguably too of the most evil and depraved villains to have appeared on an Nickelodeon production.


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