Brezzepelt is a villain from Erin Hunter's Warriors book series.


A Windclan warrior, who was the son of Crowfeather and Nightcloud. Before his birth, his father, Crowfeather had been two separate forbidden relationships with the she-cats, Feathertail, warrior of Riverclan and Leafpool, Medicine cat of Thunderclan. Due to Feathertail dying and Leafpool choosing loyalty to her Clan, Crowfeather had to reluctantly return to a suspicious Windclan. To prove his loyalty, he becomes mates with an ageing Nightcloud, who feared she would never have kits. However, Crowfeather never got over his previous mates, never able to truly love Nightcloud, even if he did care about her.  

The family of three were very disfunctional, with: Crowfeather strict and distance, Nightcloud clingy and jealous, and Breezepelt himself spoiled and disrespectful. They would constantly bicker, well into Breezpelt's adulthood. Even outside of his family, he would constantly insult and disobey those around him. However, Nightcloud would only end up encouraging her son's bad behaviour, constantly telling him his father secretly hated him, when he actually didn't.

Unknown to the Breezepelt, it turned out Crowfeather's former mate, Leafpool had been pregnant when she broke up with his father, so had half-siblings within ThunderClan: Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather. Finding out the news before him, his half-sister Hollyleaf, who was having a mental breakdown due to it, told the secret to the Gathering, including Breezepelt. He was enraged by this, knowing it was the truth, despite Crowfeather denying it. After this, Breezepelt began hating his half-siblings. 

At the same time, the spirits of the Dark Forest had begun to target vulnerable living cats, and recruiting them as trainees, giving them brutal training in their dreams. Promising to make them stronger warriors for their clan and help them seek revenge. Breezepelt being one of them, becoming their most loyal follower. The Dark Forest cats would purposely overexaggerate Crowfeather's treatment of Breezepelt, convincing him he needed to avenge himself. Instead of going after Crowfeather, however, Breezepelt decides to go after Leafpool's litter, thinking they should of never been born.

His first act of revenge, was stalking two ThunderClan cats; the blind Medicine cat Jayfeather, his half-brother and the pregnant queen Poppyfrost. He found them at the Moonpool, a sacred place of Starclan. While Jayfeather was attempting to calm a distressed Poppyfrost, Breezepelt showed himself.  With the help of a Dark Forest spirit named Brokenstar, Breezepelt beats up his blind brother while Poppyfrost was forced to watch. Trying to decide on whether he should kill them both, or just kill Poppyfrost and frame the murder on Jayfeather. However before he could do this, Starclan appear, including Poppyfrost's dead sister Honeyfern, chasing Breezepelt and Brokenstar away.  

A while later, Lionblaze and Breezepelt end up getting into a border fight over a piece of prey while Nightcloud and Crowfeather watch. With Leafpool arriving, breaking it up. Then Leafpool begs to know how Crowfeather could just watch his sons fight. With Nightcloud angrily retorting he only has one son. Still wanting to fight, Breezepelt attacks Leafpool, with Crowfeather quickly throwing him off of her. Crowfeather stands over a bleeding Leafpool laying on the floor, reminding her she choose her Clan. In a fit of jealousy, Nightcloud drags Crowfeather towards her, digging her claws in. Her mate breaks away from her grasp, hissing. To this, Breezepelt rushes between them, telling his father to leave his mother alone. Eventually, the two families reluctantly go their separate ways. 

When training in the Dark Forest, two other trainees are ordered to fight each other to the death: Antpelt, a dead WindClan cat, and Ivypool, a ThunderClan cat. Ivypool finally wins, killing Antpelt a second time and causing Antpelt's spirit to fade away forever. To this, Breezepelt promises Ivypool she would pay for permanently killing off his old friend.

Finally, the Dark Forest announce their true goal: to appear in the physical world and wipe out the four Clans with the aid of the living trainees. To this, a RiverClan trainee, Beetlewhisker threatens to leave, not wanting to kill his own Clanmates. However, Brokenstar makes an example of him, snapping his neck and throwing the dead body towards the other trainees. Another Dark Forest cat, Hawkfrost relentlessly questions them if they'll leave the Dark Forest too. Out of shock, they reluctantly say no. Seemingly unfazed by Beetlewhisker's death, Breezepelt confidently assures Hawkfrost of his loyalty, claiming he has no reason to leave the strongest Clan. 

When the battle between the Clans, Starclan and the Dark Forest comes, unlike the most of the other trainees who immediately go into hiding to avoid fighting anyone, Breezepelt is one of the few who eagerly fights on the Dark Forest's side, the only other one being Redwillow, who's instantly killed on the spot by the Shadowclan leader, Blackstar when he's exposed as a traitor. There, Breezepelt joins an assault on WindClan, attacking his own Clanmtes, includingCrowfeather.  Ivypool, who'd been a spy for Thunderclan the entire time, attempts to convince all her fellow trainees to fight for StarClan and the Clans. She knocks Breezepelt off of his Clanmate, shouting for him to stop. Baffled by this, Breezepelt asks her if she's crazy. Where Ivypool is suddenly discovered to be a traitor by Thistelclaw, a Dark Forest tom, Breezepelt leaves Ivypool for dead.    

Continuing to fight the living Clans, Breezepelt next moves onto ThunderClan. Finding Lionblaze, he pins him down, gloating he's not as strong as he thought he'd been. Celebrating Hollyleaf's death for a moment, who'd been killed earlier in the battle while saving Ivypool, Breezepelt is about to kill Lionblaze. Just in time, Crowfeather saves his son, shoving Breezepelt off of him. Snarling, Breezepelt states he always knew his father hated him. Crowfeather denies the accusation, saying that was just what Nightcloud encouraged him to believe, before saying it's too late for Breezepelt, already a grown warrior and making his own decisions for a long time, finally chasing Breezepelt away. 

After the battle, the four leaders hold a special meeting to decide the fate of the remaining former Dark Forest trainees. While all the other trainees, who never actually fought for Dark Forest, deeply regret their actions and beg for forgiveness, Breezepelt is shown to be smug and defiant, not feeling guilty about anything. However, due to the weakened Clans needing all their warriors and all the others trainees' regret, everyone has to be forgiven, including Breezepelt. 

Afterwards, Breezepelt is on slightly better terms with Crowfeather and makes no further attempts to kill Lionblaze or Jayfeather. However, he retains much of his vicious attitude, more aggressive than his Clanmates, often making accusations at Gatherings. He becomes mates with Heathertail, having two daughters, Smokepaw and Brindlepaw. His relationship with his mate or kits is unclear.

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