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Brezzepelt is a villain from Warrior cat, his story was really sad, he became evil because his father Crowfeather never get him attention and love, and was just used his mother to prove his loyalty to the clan. He also discover that his father had other kittens with other females from the clan, he became very angry and want to take revenge on his father, and also to get revenge on what he never have when he was again a kitten, maybe killed other cats just to get what he deserved since he was born he wanted to get his revenge.

He also gave his allegiance to other cats in other clan, heb also plot with the dark forest cat to tried help him in his revenge, but in some books he did have some way of redemption, same if some cats still doesn't trust him while he is invite in some gathering, all he want he want its being respected anbeing accepted by other cagts around him.

He was always aside of everyone and sure he do kill some innocents cats, but he also find love has he finally has a mate who is Heathertail, of course he wanted forgiveness from other for his past action, wich Mothwig agree to be forgiving, butnot everyone is forgiving because Dovewing still think that Breezepelt is not noble enough and doesn't need forgiveness.

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