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You view this person as a victim, but if you were to see what I see, beneath the mask is a criminal undeserving of the life she leads.
~ Jigsaw introduces Rigg to Brenda.

Brenda is a minor character in the Saw franchise, appearing as a supporting antagonist in Saw IV.

She is a pimp who is targeted by Jigsaw due to her actions against her workers. She is later captured by Mark Hoffman to participate in a game for Daniel Rigg.

She was portrayed by Sarain Boylan.

SAw iv

Sometime before the events of the movie, Brenda was kidnapped by her former attorney, Art Blank, who had previously got her acquitted of various crimes. However, after she was found not guilty, she continued her crimes.

Brenda appears at the beginning of Officer Rigg's test. She is found in a device designed to scalp her to death, and Jigsaw tells Rigg to leave her to die. However, his police officer instincts convince him to rescue her.

As the game begins, Brenda begs him to save her, which he does, by unlocking the device she was strapped into. However, after she is free, Brenda produces a knife and attempts to stab him to death, and Rigg accidentally kills her out of self-defense. He listen's to her tape-recorder in which Jigsaw reveals that she is a prostitute, a pimp, a serial murderer, and she was running a child sex trafficking ring. Apparently there were photos of her committing various crimes, which would've been used as evidence in her inevitable trial, and the only way to ensure that her freedom was to kill Rigg after he saved her.


Brenda's corpse


  • Realistically, even if Daniel Riggs hadn't helped her, Brenda would have survived her trap as the Scalping Seat is one the most unrealistic Saw traps. In real life, while hair is strong, it isn't strong to pull off the scalp of someone's hair, so the Scalping Seat would have ripped off Brenda's hair but left her with her scalp intact.


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