Brent "Slappy" Ernst is one of the many psychopath bosses in Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

His job was acting as the mascot of Slappy, a TV character who was promoting Kid's Choice Clothing. During his time as a mascot, he fell in love with Louise, another employee who dressed up as Slappy's gal, Suzy. They were about to go on a date when she was killed during the Zombie outbreak.

He was voiced by Brad Swaile.


Dead Rising 2

When Brent sees Chuck Greene inspecting Louise's corpse, he immediately accosts Chuck, noting that he saw him on TV (the tape which framed Chuck for the outbreak). Brent blames Chuck for the death of his would-be-girlfriend and draws out two crafted flamethrowers with the warcry of "I'll never get a date now!". He charges after Chuck on roller skates and often uses circling fire attacks. After he is defeated by Chuck, he falls right next to Louise and says some last words to her about picking her up for a date before seemingly dying. He gets up a few seconds later, screaming, "Don't worry, kids! Slappy will live forever!" before dropping dead for good.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Brent's role is similar, although his madness has gone further to the point of believing that he is Slappy and that Louise is a Suzy toy that needs fixing. He tries to convince Frank to fix her but comes to the conclusion that Frank "wants stuff to be broken" for photographs. After Frank defeats and fatally wounds Brent, he crawls up to Louise, talking about how they'll be "in the big toy box in the sky".


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