Brent was the antagonist of the episode "Sword Quest" of the animated TV series Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.

He was voiced by Jason Earles.


He is the protégé of Mr S.W Smith, the school metal shop teacher, and secret sword smith of the Ninja, he was over come with anger at his failings, and stormed out. He later calmed down and returned to apologize and beg for a second chance. However due to only hearing part of the conversation he assumed that he had been replaced by Howard. Overcome with misery and anger, he fell victim to the Sorcerer's magic and was transformed into a monster. In this form he crafted himself armour, and later attacked and kidnapped Howard, planning to inflict his revenge upon him.

Randy caught up and fought him, however all his weapons simply bounced off Brent's armour. Brent revealed his own sword (as well as his power to breath fire) and attacked. At the last moment, S.W. Smith rushed in with Randy's new sword. With this sword Randy managed to destroy Brent's Hammer, which the magic was possessing, thus returning him to normal.

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