Brett C. Shelton

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That's Lieutenant Colonel Shelton to you, asshole.Brett Shelton

A rifle is a soldier's best friend.Shelton to Andy

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Brett Campbell Shelton is the secondary antagonist in Child's Play 3. He is known to be very cruel to Andy Barclay and Whitehurst.

He was portrayed by Travis Fine.


Shelton is an extremely arrogant and antagonistic cadet and is good at bullying newcoming cadets while he shows a somewhat soft spot for his military friends. He is also misogynistic towards De Silva, however he is somewhat nice to the history teacher. It is unknown how he treats his home family members.


Shelton first met Andy when he was talking to all the Cadets at the Military School. He brought fear into Andy Barclay by forcing him to say to him "Lieutenant Colonel Shelton sir". He also forced Kristen (a female cadet who shown no fear of him) to give him so push ups but Kristen mocked him by calling him an asshole in front of the crowd. Shelton also tied up and gagged Whitehurst as well as locking him up in his closet as a cruel prank.

When Shelton saw Andy fighting Chucky, Shelton simply stole Chucky from him and said his sister's niece's birthday is coming up, asking him if he thinks she'll like it. Later on while Shelton's asleep, Andy snuck into his room with a Knife and was searching for the killer doll. Chucky escaped but Shelton woke up and pinned down Andy, seeing him as a trouble maker.

After Colonel Cochran's death, Shelton made a speech of it to honor him in his unfortunate death but revealed the War Games will continue as planned where two teams will be armed with Paintball Guns and if someone is hit with them, they're out. The main objective of each team is to capture the enemy flag and bring it to their base for victory.


When Andy took the map, Shelton believed he was a traitor and tried to chase him down alongside his teammates. He managed to get to him but Chucky called in the opposing Red Team to come in. Chucky also replaced the paintballs with real bullets in the Red Team members' rifles. Chucky flipped off Shelton, then laughed manically, but Red Team then arrived and then shot Shelton in the heart, killing him accidentally. Shelton's murderer was mistaken to be Andy until the people who thought he did realized he didn't.


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