Brett and Chet are minor antagonists in the 2012 computer-animated adaptation of The Lorax. They are the Once-Ler's brothers, who helped him chop down the trees to make the thneeds. Their mother treats the twins, the opposite of how she treats The Once-Ler. She believes in her older sons, more than her youngest child, much to how they behave at times.

They were both voiced by Danny Cooksey.


They are identical twin brothers, and have the same appearance. They wear small blue hats, red plaid long-sleeved shirts, and blue overalls.


They are shown to be very dumb and unintelligent, and do not seem to realize the harm they are doing, such as when they threw a bar-ba-loot around like a ball. Mean and dopey as they are, both were shocked when their mother disowned the Once-ler.


They aren't very talkative, and in the beginning of Once-ler's rise to success, their only job is to try to pick the tufts off of the Truffula trees, but that soon gets too hard and they are moved on to work with the axe-hanking machine, which chops down the trees instead. Once Once-ler is at the top of his business and has his factory, Brett and Chet started working as his guards and doormen.

When Once-ler fails and loses his whole company, due to having no more material for his Thneed, Brett and Chet pack up with the rest of the family and go back into their van, soon shocked when their mother informs them that Brett is now her favorite son, pretty much disowning the Once-ler as they then drive off.


  • Their life after the shutdown is unknown. If they are still alive, they are extremely old, like their brother. Taking in consideration their lack of common sense, however, it's highly possible that they are already dead.
  • After the factory shut down, Brett was chosen as their mother's favorite child.
  • In the book and TV special, the Once-ler mentions his brothers among the family members he invited to knit the thneeds, but they are only seen as green arms and never identified.


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