The Brewers are a group of pirates and human traffickers who serve as major antagonists in episodes 10 through 13 of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.


In the past, the Brewers raided a merchant vessel crewed by the Altland family and killed the Altland parents, taking their young children Akihiro and Masahiro Altland to be used as "Human Debris". Akihiro was eventually sold to the Chryse Guard Security private military company while Masahiro was kept and trained to be a Mobile Suit pilot.

The Brewers were later hired by Gjallarhorn through Todo Mirconen to attack Tekkadan, the group formed out of the CGS that was escorting Kudelia Aina Bernstein to Earth. After their initial assault on Tekkadan failed, the Brewers later faced a counterattack from Tekkadan with the goal of rescuing Akihiro's brother Masahiro. Tekkadan managed to defeat the Brewers, but Masahiro ultimately died protecting Akihiro. After boarding the Brewers ship, Tekkadan forced tBrewers leader Brooke Kabayan to turn over all of his property to them and rescued the Human Debris that the Brewers were trafficking. The rescued Human Debris were all adopted as members of Tekkadan and joined them in their future battles.



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