Brewmeister Smith is the main antagonist of the 1983 Canadian film, Strange Brew.

Hewas portrayed by Max von Sydow, who also portrayed Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon, Ernst Stavro Blofeld in 007's Never Say Never Again, and Varden Reynard in Rush Hour 3


Brewmeister Smith is the boss of Claude Elsinore and Ted. He is also the murderer of John Elsinore, Claude's brother. His plot is to drug all the beer in the factory, and have every citizen of the world drink them.


Brewmeister Smith is an egotistical and pompous brute who murdered John Elsinore, the President of the Elsinore Brewery, along with John's brother Claude. He was pushed against a gate and shocked to death by the electricity on it. Smith immediately took over the company but to hide his evil scheme, has Claude pose as John's successor.

Smith is a scientist, and he experimented on the brewery's beer by having his assistant Ted test it out on some employees who dress as hockey players and respond to the different sounds on the electronic keyboard while on the ice.

He learns from his security cameras that Bob and Doug McKenzie helped Pamela Elsinore, the daughter of John, enter the brewery when he was clearly trying to keep her out, using the gate to stop her car from entering. He later introduces himself to Pam, and he gives his condolences to her, but she is in no mood for that.

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