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I'm not letting anyone leave my town! Everyone's gonna die!
~ Brian Irons threatening Claire.

Brian Irons was the Raccoon City's last Chief of Police in 1998 and a major antagonist in Resident Evil 2 and its 2019 remake (specifically a secondary antagonist in Claire's scenarios and an unseen antagonist in Leon's scenario),as well as a minor antagonist in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Though a Raccoon City police officer, Irons secretly accepted bribes from the Umbrella Corporation to cover up their illegal activities in the area. It's also revealed that he committed various other horrible crimes throughout his career. Some of them include rape, murder, child abuse, and in the remake, illegal experiments.

In the original Resident Evil 2 game he was voiced by the late Gary Krawford (who also voiced Thanos in the Silver Surfer animated series), by JB Blanc (who also voiced Kano in Mortal Kombat 11, Bane in Batman: The Enemy Within, Kuben Blisk in Titanfall, Tower of Sauron in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and Enrico Maxwell in the Hellsing series) in The Darkside Chronicles and by Sid Carton and Akio Hirose (who also voiced Jinmen in Devilman: Crybaby) in the RE2 remake in English and Japanese respectively.


Brian Irons have attended university in his early life. He was accused of two incidents involving violence and sexual assault, however those cases were dropped due to his academic excellence, thus he went to psychiatric examination instead.

Resident Evil 2

Brian Irons is the corrupt chief of the Raccoon City Police Department. Irons is bribed by Umbrella, in particular William Birkin, into keeping the company's secrets and allowing them to conduct experiments on living subjects, making him partially responsible for the T-Virus infecting Raccoon City. It is also heavily implied that he was a serial killer before the Raccoon City outbreak judging by the human skulls that are in his secret room in the police precinct. It is also revealed that he is the suspect in the rapes of two college kids.

Claire first encounters him in the police headquarters with the Mayor's daughter. Though at first he appears to be a benevolent police chief, it later turns out that he's been using the zombie outbreak to his advantage by doing whatever he wants without fear of repercussions, going as far as killing his fellow police officers as well as the mayor's daughter who he was supposed to protect, planning to keep her body as a trophy for himself. Later, she is held into gunpoint by Irons as it is revealed he worked for Umbrella and looking for his briber's daughter, Sherry. Suddenly, the embryo that Birkin injected him earlier on bursts out of his body, killing him.

In an alternate path, his fate is largely similar in that he corners Claire. However, he is instead killed by Birkin directly, being dragged down into a manhole and then having him being ripped in half from the waist down, with his top half being thrown back to the top just as Claire was about to investigate.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Irons appears in a cutscene where he attempts to stuff the Mayor's daughter's cadaver (it is heavily implied that he murdered her by this time). Suddenly, he is confronted by Claire and Leon, whom the latter recognizes as his coworker. Irons sees Sherry as he is searching for her. Just then, he is killed when an embryo comes out of his body.

Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

Irons appears in a parking lot, encountering Claire and Sherry holding them at gunpoint. He tells Sherry to tie Claire's hands and takes her with him or he will shoot Claire. Once Sherry does as she's told, Irons beats Claire before kidnapping Sherry. He closes the parking lot's gates before Claire could catch up to him after freeing herself from her binds. Later, Irons locks Sherry in a bedroom in a orphanage and calls Claire and demands her to meet him and bring Sherry's pendant she dropped in the parking lot.

When Sherry takes Irons' keys and attempts to escape from him, he catches her, but retaliated by throwing a jar of acid, burning his face and giving him a burned-up scar. He locks the door to prevent Sherry from as he antagonizes her while she tries to escape. While searching for Sherry, he goes to the bathroom to clean his face, not knowing Sherry took his keys which he left in the bathroom door's lock. However, he notices Sherry fleeing with the keys that she stole and unlocks the door to downstairs. Sherry uses the keys to unlock every door in the orphanage to get outside, but all were chained on the other side, forcing her to hide in Irons' room.

Irons finds Sherry, but Birkin implants a G embryo into into his mouth. Later, Claire arrives at the orphanage, she encounters Irons who blames her that it took her too long to arrive before being killed instantly by the embryo that bursts out his chest.

Reboot film series

Irons appears as a supporting protagonist in the 2021 reboot film Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City and was portrayed by Donal Logue. Unlike his video game counterpart, Irons was the chief of the Raccoon Police Department that had a bad-tempered. Once the outbreak occured, Irons attempted to flee the city, but was stopped by Umbrella Soldiers. While several civilians aggressively demanded to leave the city, the guards luanched nerve gas and open fire onto the civilians, forcing Irons to head back and unties with Leon and Claire. They head to the orphanage where the building as a secret passage way to the Umbrella that leads to the Spencer Mansion. But once they got there, Irons is killed by a Licker.


You stupid bitch, that's a dead end!
~ Irons threatening Sherry while chasing her in the orphanage.

Incredibly depraved and wrathful, Brian Irons is a selfish and utterly inhumane psychopath. He is extremely cruel, monstrous, vile, sadistic, perverted and insane. Irons believes that he himself is not a bad man, as he's gone insane due to the apocalypse. This does appear to be very accurate as he does show to be very paranoid of almost everything, but this doesn't even come close to excuse his horrific actions. In the end, while the apocalypse did seem to excel his insanity, he also took full advantage of it in order to pursue his depraved desires, as well as kill anyone who would threaten his schemes.

On top of all this, Brian Irons is a sexual predator who has committed acts of rape towards young women and girls. While this seemed to be acknowledged by some before the outbreak, his reputation prevented these rumors from being criminally investigated, which also highlights his manipulative side.

Even when he was younger, Irons showed early signs of his psychopathy by hunting down and killing a wild rabbit, and is later shown "experimenting" with the animal's corpse and remains. Irons would eventually begin preying on women and girls.

In the Resident Evil 2 remake, Irons doesn't even fake being kind or polite, and it is clear from his first appearance that he has bad intentions. He also snaps at Sherry several times and curses at her while chasing the girl through the orphanage, with him also likely intending to hurt her as punishment for trying to escape him. Regardless of version, Irons is a sadistic monster who lacks any basic humanity.


  • In an act of censorship, the English localization of Darkside Chronicles establishes in a file Brian Irons as having a wife, and he has a criminal past regarding domestic violence. The Japanese script for the same file instead describes his criminal past as being two cases of rape or sexual assault. The same file was also censored in Umbrella Chronicles as well.
  • In the scene where Brian Irons relays everything he knows about the G-Virus while threatening Claire in his taxidermy room, the localization erroneously inferred that the T-00 (referred to as "that monster that is tearing apart the precinct") was created by the G-Virus and that it was the ultimate bio-weapon when Brian Irons was explaining its properties to Claire. In the original script, he instead commented that the virus has the ability to rapidly advance human evolution without even mentioning the T-00.
  • Brian Irons made a cameo appearance in the Mini-Game, The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. You meet him at the end of the mini game when you manage to get into the Warehouse Save Room, the end point of the mini-game where he beckons a woman to deliver a briefcase that presumably contained the player's payment. His face is hidden by shadows when the player meets him, though.
  • He is one of the most hated characters in the Resident Evil series for his horrific actions. Fans hate him for not only being vile, but for also being an unpleasant person in general.
  • Originally, Brian Irons was to be an ally character. After Resident Evil 2 was rewritten, he was changed into a villain.
  • Brian Irons can be compared with Albert Wesker. Like Wesker, he was secretly working for Umbrella. Unlike Wesker, however, Irons works with them mostly out of greed and sadism.
  • Brian Irons reappears in the remake, where one playable segment requires the player to elude him as he attempts to recapture Sherry. He is also even worse in this version as he helped performed experiments that resulted in deaths of many children. That said, it's unknown whether he is a rapist despite some of his actions having sexual undertones.
  • In the King's Foundation series, it shows more of Irons' past. His psychopathic behavior began when he was a young child, seen running around in the fields, catching animals and killing them so he can do 'experiments" on them.

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