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But we can change everyting else.
~ Kadeem to Mark Wylde.
Kadeem is gone.
~ Kadeem's last words before he falls into the abyss, and also showing his humanoid side's eradication.

Brian Kadeem, also known as Zone or RD-K1, is a major character in the Hot Wheels movie series initially a supporting protagonist in Hot Wheels: World Race and a supporting character turned secondary antagonist in Hot Wheels: Acceleracers.

He was voiced by Cusse Mankuma.



Brian Kadeem was born in an unknown country in Saharan Africa, living in a small town with out much food or water, and for that reason he studied in England, however, he after would get back to Africa for helping his people.[1]

Kadeem was recruited by the Dr. Peter Tezla for the World Race in Highway 35, with the purpose of getting the Wheel of Power. Kadeem raced in the World Race because Dr. Telza promised to his drivers that the team what win the race will get a check for five millions of dollar for each driver, with Kadeem thought winning the World Race for the check would help his people. getting the check and help his people. He was the leader of his team, the Dune Ratz.

Turning into a Racing Drone

Two years after the World Race, Kadeem is recruited again by Dr. Tezla for racing into the Racing Realms (dangerous races located in another dimension) and stop the team of the Racing Drones led by Gelorum, preventing them from winning all the realms for dark purposes.

In the Storm Realm, he is kidnaped by the drones. It is later discovered that he's tortured by Gelorum in order to tell the location of the Tezla barracks. Because Kadeem refuses, he's turned into a drone by Gelorum, killing the Kadeem we had known in World Race and Acceleracers.

Conflict with the Wylde brothers

In the Junk Realm, Mark Wylde is kidnapped by the drones, with Gelorum demanding him to tell of the Acceledrome's location. Due to further refusal, Kadeem attempts to turn him into a drone, but only manages to give him a robotic arm.

Kurt Wylde makes a plan for the recruitment of his little brother, heading off to Mark under the Tezla drivers' direction to seek him. Now unrecognizable to his ally, Kadeem attacks Mark in an attempt to kill him by throwing into the abyss. However, Kadeem throws himself down after showing his former human side is gone when Kurt and Mark tries to tell him that he still could return with the Tezla drivers.


Brian originally was a kind-hearted person, interested in helping his people and saving the world, and he was also loyal to his peers (a prove of this is the fact that he didn't reveal the Acceledrome ubication to Gelorum before being transformed).

In the last movie his personality changed completely, having forgotten the importance he gave to his people and his companions. From here on, he only cared about the rest of the drivers joining the Racing Drones.


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