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Brian Lee Harris, also known as Brain Lee, also called The Underfaker or Chainz, is an impostor version of The Undertaker and an antagonist who appeared in WWF (WWE).

He was responsible of taking The Undertaker's place, but at Summerslam 1994, he was confronted by the real Undertaker who was returned from the dead to destroy this impostor. He was later beaten by him and disappeared forever.

Another villainous acts that he does, he killed Crush in Hindi movie.

As Fake Undertaker

According to WWE fans, Brian Lee was Mark Calaway's cousin also known as The Undertaker, in 1994, he first debuted when he was trying to steal The Undertaker's job by posing as him in a attempt to antagonize Paul Bearer into believing that the real Undertaker is dead and never come back to life, Paul Bearer then accuses Ted DiBiase of lying and discovers that it wasn't the real Undertaker, then the imposter chokes Paul Bearer until the real Undertaker returns from the dead appear to Paul Bearer, then the real Undertaker appears as a voice and claims he is back to life to get his job back which enrage the imposter. In Summerslam 1994, Paul Bearer summons the real Undertaker back from the dead to defeat Ted DiBiase's Undertaker, the real Undertaker then succeeds and beats his imposter to seal him to the casket once and for all. When George and Leslie discover a casket, they open it and the casket is empty, it also confirmed that the imposter was disappeared by the real Undertaker and was never seen again.

The fake Undertaker appears briefly in a flashback in Summerslam 1995 Casket Match promo.

As Chainz

Lee returns and takes under the name Chainz, a member of the Bikers that antagonize everyone who stands against them, in Path of Destruction episode, Chainz was once again attacked by The Undertaker and was knocked down, it is unknown if Chainz has survived or not.

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