I'm gorgeous! Look at these!
~ Brianna after being resurrected in Lois' body and fondles her breasts.

Brianna Withridge is one of the two secondary antagonists in the Season 4 episode "Spell", appearing on the WB television series Smallville. She was a comrade of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and a skilled witch.

She was resurrected in the 21st century along with her coven when their spirits possessed the bodies of three Smallville women, with Brianna possessing the body of Lois Lane.

Her original form was portrayed by Melanie Papalia and while possessing Lois Lane by Erica Durance.


Early life

Isobel Brianna Madelyn stake

Isobel and her coven are burned at the stake.

Brianna Withridge was born in the late 15th century and lived in a French village with Isobel Thoreaux and Madelyn Hibbins where the three practiced witchcraft. Isobel desired to acquire the legendary Kryptonian Stones of Power so Brianna and Madelyn helped her in the quest to search for them. Isobel managed to steal a map that would lead them to one of the Stones from a Duchess named Gertrude (the ancestor of Genevie and Jason Teague). The Duchess had Isobel and her comrades captured by the townspeople and magistrate. En-route to the courtyard, Brianna and Madelyn were fearful and tried to escape but Isobel promised they would rise again if they fell that night. They lost their magic when the townspeople took their spell book and Magistrate Wilkins sentenced the witches to burn at the stake for practicing witchcraft.


Centuries later Countess Isobel's descendant, Lana Lang, visited her tomb in France when a Mark of Transference appeared on Lana's lower back that would allow Isobel to possess her. Upon returning to Smallville, Lana purchased Isobel's spell book online and once she touched the page stained with blood, Isobel awakened and possessed Lana's body. To find the Stones of Power, Isobel would need the assistance of her sisters once again and found Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan to be perfect vessels for them. Isobel concocted a magic potion to resurrect the spirits of her comrades Madelyn and Brianna within Chloe and Lois. The potion was used to spike some wine during a toast before Chloe's surprise party.

Brianna Withridge resurrected

Brianna Withridge resurrected in Lois Lane's body.

After drinking the potion, Lois' eyes glow black and the resurrected spirits returned with Brianna's spirit transferred into the body of Lois. Brianna loved her new body calling herself gorgeous and fondled Lois' breasts. Isobel explained that they will continue their quest to find the Stones of Power, but Madelyn and Brianna point out that this is the same quest that got them killed in the first place. Due to possession of Lois' body, Brianna had access to her memories that she used to navigate this new world. Brianna and Madelyn wanted some fun before continuing their quest.

Isobel Brianna Madelyn arrive

Isobel, Brianna and Madelyn arrive at the party.

At the Kent Barn, a worried Clark tried to keep the wild party under control when Isobel, Brianna and Madelyn arrived. Clark pulled "Lois" aside telling the Princeton representative was coming any minute and asked what took her so long and Brianna immediately became attracted to him saying she took the scenic route and loved the view, referring to Clark. She attempted to flirt with Clark when he asked her (when Clark believed that she was drunk) where she had been the whole time. Madelyn and Isobel conversed and Brianna noted the bodies in this century were hard.

The witches then decided to liven the party and by the power of three they cast a spell and all the party goers, including Clark, are suddenly dancing in various states of undress. Brianna danced with a shirtless jock when the Princeton representative came to interview Clark and Clark makes a "great" first impression.

Brianna Withridge magic

Brianna attacks Clark with magic.

Clark later discovered "Lana" using magic against her boyfriend Jason and went to confront her at his barn. There Clark meets "Lana", "Chloe" and "Lois", but at first had no clue that they were in fact witches. Mistaking Clark as being like everyone else despite his speed, Brianna strikes Clark with a large wheel using magical telekinesis; but quickly realized that his invulnerability made it so it had no effect on him. Isobel then subdued Clark with her magic and pinned him to the ground. Brianna and Madelyn then climbed on top of him and Brianna said she could feel his power.

Isobel Brianna Madelyn drain

The three witches take Clark's powers.

Just before draining his powers, she rubbed his face with affection. Brianna, Isobel and Madelyn then removed Clark's shirt and cast a spell that removed his abilities that ensured he stay out of their way. The three then tied Clark to a post in the barn shirtless and powerless. Brianna stood in bewilderment when Isobel said Clark was not a sorcerer but something else, something special. Brianna and Madelyn then approached Clark when he feigned knowledge about the three Stones of Power. When Madelyn mentioned he touched them, Brianna said they could feel it.

After she and her fellow witches shackled Clark, she couldn't resist touching his bare chest as she tried to persuade him into revealing where one of the three Stones of Power were located. Brianna begged Clark to tell them where the one Stone was that he hid but he refused. After magically seducing the answer out of Clark, Isobel, Brianna and Madelyn teleported away whilst leaving him behind still chained.

Isobel Brianna Madelyn defeated

Brianna and Madelyn's spirits are exorcised when the spellbook is destroyed.

In the Kawatche Caves, the witches listened as Isobel explains why they were resurrected here away from their home. They approached a wall and sensed the first Stone of Power calling to them. Isobel then began chanting a spell with Brianna and Madelyn joining in causing the fissure to glow with light around the octagonal hole, which opens the pathway to the inner chamber. Brianna approached the table that held the Crystal of Fire staring with such lust saying that tonight their future begins.

Clark then arrived with a shotgun to stop the witches apologizing that he can't let them do this, but Brianna told him he didn't have a choice and magically used telekinesis to remove the gun from Clark. Isobel then tries to obtain the Crystal, but it glows and burns her hand. Clark catches the Crystal before it hits the ground, restoring his powers as Brianna announced it. Before the witches can take his powers away once again, Clark destroyed the spell book with his heat vision, and Brianna's spirit was removed from Lois' body who was confused, but alright.

Powers and Abilities

It seemed Isobel's powers was far greater than those of her two cohorts, Brianna and Madelyn, who were only able to muster a handful of spells, like mild illusions and energy, while Isobel seemed to have a massive reservoir of powers. Brianna appeared to be more adept at telekinetic spells, such as when she threw a wheel at Clark, which he was able to either brush off or deflect with his heat vision, respectively. Brianna also removed the shotgun from Clark with magical telekinesis. Like Isobel, Brianna's magic gave off a violet glow when she conjured. She didn't have the ability to defy death, requiring Isobel to resurrect her; it was also her who drained Clark's Kryptonian powers from him, using herself as a conduit to siphon all of them away.

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