Briar Cudgeon was a psychopathic elf and an antagonist in Artemis Fowl and The Arctic Incident. He proclaimed himself Commander of the LEP before his downfall.


Briar Cudgeon's background is not offered in any of the books, but in Artemis Fowl, he is a power-hungry lieutenant in LEPrecon and is jealous of Commander Root's position. It also says that he used to be Commander Root's roommate.

At first he just gives the impression of being a pompous but essentially harmless individual however his true sinister nature soon emerges. He is Retrieval One's leader, then becomes Acting Commander.

After an attempt to exploit the situation and seize power, his plan is thwarted and in a rage he assaults Foaly. Root incapacitates him with a tranquilizer dart that reacts with some mind accelerating drugs Cudgeon had been experimenting with, resulting in him becoming deformed. He is demoted to the rank of private and left consumed with a desire for vengeance. He joins forces with Opal Koboi and, together, they began a plan to take over The Lower Elements by supplying the B'wa Kell with weapons.

However, he plans to kill the goblins, as well as his partner, when they are of no further use. In a complex turn of events, Briar's schemes are revealed to Koboi by Artemis Fowl and Foaly. Koboi flies into a rage and assaults Cudgeon who, in the ensuing struggle, is thrown into the plasma supply for the DNA cannons at Koboi Labs and killed. Ironically, it was he who activated the plasma cannons.


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Briar Cudgeon
Briar Cudgeon


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