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Have you been injured in an accident? Man, I hope so. I'm Brick Baker. My mama didn't raise no dummy and I'm here to get you money. My specialties are contract law and kicking bitch ass for ya.
~ Brick Baker

Brick Baker is an antagonist in Family Guy. He is the corrupt lawyer and annoying behind-the-house neighbor of Peter Griffin.

He is voiced by Jay Pharoah.


Brick Baker made his first appearance in the episode "Lawyer Guy", where Peter Griffin hired a lawyer to represent him, when he sued his neighbor for spraying his sprinklers in his backyard. Brick was surprised to see Peter's address, as it was the house behind his own, making he say annoying neighbor. Brick didn't tell him this and decided to lie by omission and work as Peter's lawyer, thinking of a more clever way to sabotage him in court.

Peter didn't find out the truth about this until the day of the court date, when he saw Brick go to the other side of the court and play the role of his neighbor. Brick suspended all actions as Peter's lawyer and tried to counter-sue him instead. However, he failed to do this, when Cleveland Brown brought forth some evidence that proved that Brick was technically invading Peter's property by spraying his sprinklers on his backyard. The judge ruled in Peter's favor and Brick lost the court case.

Brick came to The Drunken Clam and apologized to the guys for his behavior and tried to bury the hatchet by giving them some tickets to the next Trashmen concert. The guys accepted his apology, but when they got to the concert, everyone's tickets were for the front row except for Peter, who had to sit all the way in the back, where he could barely see or hear anything on stage. He used his phone to zoom in on the concert, where he saw his friends being allowed to go up on stage and party with the Trashmen and there, they were accompanied by none other than Brick Baker, himself, who was clearly stealing his friends as an act of petty revenge for the courtroom incident.

Peter would eventually confront Brick personally and demand his friends back. Brick admitted that he did steal his friends to spite him but he was getting sick of playing this game. Brick hated Peter's friends as he thought they were all annoying and stupid and told him that all they ever talked about was him. Brick gave Peter his friends back and finally left him alone. After this, Peter thought that he should stop arguing with Brick for real this time and went to his house to apologize. However, because he was a racist moron, he apologized to Cleveland by mistake.


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