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Brickleberry National Park is the main organization of the Comedy Central animated series, Brickleberry. It is a national park led by Woody Johnson. The organization is villainous as it's leader is corrupt, it's individual members are guilty of doing horrible things, while on duty, and often, all members of the company will do horrible things as a collective unit.

Villainous Acts

  • In "Squabbits", Brickleberry National Park made Squabbits their company mascot. These Squabbits went on to create a giant army that took over Hazelhurst and wreaked havock on everyone. Woody did nothing to stop it until he learned they could no longer monetize it.
  • In "Gay Bomb", Brickleberry endorsed a racist, bigoted, homophobic church rally called The Jesus Hates Homos Church to protest and harass the customers with their hate speech park property.
  • In "Hello Dottie", Brickleberry was revealed to have an insultingly substandard work environment for its employees that actually broke several union laws.
  • In "Steve's Bald", the Brickleberry Park rangers started an angry mob where they chased and tried to kill Bigfoot.
  • In "Woody's Girl", all of the Brickleberry Park rangers turned on each other and started horribly fighting. When Ethel was placed in charge, she eventually turned out to be just as horrible a boss as Woody.
  • In "Trailer Park", Brickleberry worked together to relocate a bunch of hillbillies who rightfully owned their land so they could steal it back for themselves even though they didn't legally own it. This included them trying to blow up and kill all of the hillbillies.
  • In "Ranger Games", In 1982, Woody had a violent fit of rage, when he, representing Brickleberry, came in second in the ranger games and killed all of the judges and pissed on their corpses. In 2012, Brickleberry competed in the ranger games again and a Swiss terrorist, Magnus Blickensderfer tried to blow the place up and kill everybody, again, representing Brickleberry.
  • In "The Animals Strike Back", Brickleberry killed tons of animals on their own property.
  • In "Scared Straight", the remaining park rangers of Brickleberry teamed up to bust their rightfully arrested rangers, Denzel and Malloy out of jail.
  • In "Old Wounds", Brickleberry's illegal employee abuse was shown again, when he saw that Woody slept in a glorious, five star cabin, while his rangers had to sleep in rusty old shacks. Brickleberry also hosted hooker-and-blow parties in the master cabin on Veteran's day. Jack Abowski hit the nail on the head when he said that Brickleberry was worse the Auschwitz.
  • In "High Stakes", Brickleberry allowed for Todd and Asher to illegally hunt and poach the wildlife in their park and also led to the death of Mallory, one of the last female bears of the endangered species, ursus loquacious.
  • In "Camping Ain't Easy", a flashback showed that Brickleberry once had an activity camp for children, where the kids all ended up dying. They tried to do the activity camp again but Steve ended up killing a bunch of kids again. Also, Woody had sex with one of the campers there.
  • In "Global Warning", Brickleberry single handedly caused global warming to destroy the planet and cause an apocalypse that killed everybody, when it branched off into a gigantic factory business called Woody Johnson Inc., that had one and one goal only; to produce carbon dioxide.
  • In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", Brickleberry got into a fight with Paradise P.D., assaulting police officers and causing several other federal crimes.






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