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As far as you're concerned any sex we had is entirely a product of your imagination.
~ Bridget Gregory

Bridget Gregory (also known as Wendy Kroy) is the manipulative main antagonist from the 1994 neo-noir film The Last Seduction.

She was portrayed by Linda Fiorentino.


Bridget Gregory was a boss at a telemarketing company in New York City that sold commemorative coins that was not worth much, but she devised a plan to help her husband, Clay Gregory in his shady cocaine dealings. However, this was revealed to be just a smoke screen when she took his money and left town, leaving her husband to deal with loan sharks whom he owed money to.

She was going to Chicago to meet a friend of hers, but she stopped in Beston, New York, a suburb of Buffalo. She meets a man named Mike Swale, who she later sleeps with, something she regrets later on when she was advised by her lawyer to not leave town and try to get a divorce from her husband. Mike would then try to pursue a relationship with her, much to her annoyance.

She would then get a job at a firm under her new alias, Wendy Kroy(which is New York spelled backwards). Only her boss was the only one in Beston would know who she really was.

She was found by a private detective that her husband hired to bring her and the money back to him. She would convince him to pull out his penis in order to distract him. She then crashed the car, killing the private detective. Later on in her hospital bed, she would convince the local police detective that he tried to rape her, playing on the small town's prejudice considering he was black.

Later on she manipulated Mike to kill her husband. But Mike could not do it and Mike and her husband, Clay talked. Mike found out that she tried to make him kill her husband. Clay was prepared to forgive her if she returned the money and come back to him. She just smirked as she sprayed poison into his mouth. Shortly after she manipulated Mike into slapping her and having sex with her as she called the cops. The operator listened to her false pleas and assumed she was being raped after her husband was killed so she sent in the cops to arrest Mike.

Mike would speak to his lawyer from jail and told him about one piece of evidence. However, Bridget took the evidence and burned it, leaving Mike to rot in jail while in the back of a limousine smirking knowing she got away with it and was free.

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