Bridgette Bleu is the secondary antagonist of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes. She is a spy from the Blue Nation who is working for the Tan Republic.


Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2

Bridgette deplastified General Plastro and provided him with the deplastification serum, allowing him to raise an army of toys. She later gave up the position of Field Marshal Tannenburg, the current leader of the Tan Army, to the Greens so they could capture him and Plastro could become ruler of the Tan Republic once again.

Plastro later used Bridgette as bait to lure out Sarge, tying her to an explosive. When Sarge went to save her, Bridgette injected him with the serum. However, after seeing Sarge be tortured, Bridgette ordered her men to activate a vending machine so the Greens could use the anti-plastification serum on Sarge.

Sarge later corners both her and Plastro. Bridgette attempts to convince Sarge to spare her only to be hit in the face by Vicki. However, Bridgette ends up managing to escape.

Portal Runners

Bridgette later used the serum to create an army for herself and began conquering various worlds. Feeling lonely, Bridgette allied with the Martians and attempted to use a device given to her by them to make Sarge her king. However, the Martians betray Bridgette and she is forced to ally with Sarge and Vicki to stop them. After the Martians were defeated, Bridgette was arrested and locked up in jail with Plastro.