Total Annihilation!
~ Brigade
Our fondest memories and darkest demons became a waking nightmare. I became the ultimate warrior!
~ Brigade

Rick Landau, better known as Brigade, is one of the titular protagonist villains and secondary antagonists of the miniseries Marvel Nemesis: The Imperfects and video game Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects series.

He was once a special forces soldier, but he was in an accident that caused him to become the monstrous fighter when Niles Van Roekel recovered the 100 bodies.


Early life

During a mission in Iraq, a U.S. special forces group was sent to drop a package in the enemy's underground bunker, but something went wrong with the mission, an explosion went off, which killed all 100 soldiers. However, the gas kept their cellular issues alive. Niles Van Roekel takes the opportunity and recovers the bodies for one of his experiments.

Back at his laboratory, Roekel took the 100 soldiers' brains and fused into an alien neural network and merged their bodies into a cybernetic arm appendage, making their fondest memories and darkest demons a walking nightmare. The former platoon leader, Sgt. Rick Landau was the singular consciousness for the minds of the 100 deceased soldiers. However, being a work of progress, there were certain mental problems. Whenever his teammates' personalities broke out, they reject Brigade as their host. Much like his platoon days, Brigade worked hard in order to keep most of his personalities intact.

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

During the imperfect invasion of New York, Brigade encountered and fought against Wolverine. He defeated Wolverine and later on was toppled by Iron Man during a raid on Van Roekel headquarters where all the other mutant specimens were being held in captivity.


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